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  1. Hey thanks!!! Set it to what my server is set to, and am now getting 70-90fps. Had the view distance to 48 before..... lol
  2. Hey guys. I recently built a new PC, and have always wanted to run shaders on Minecraft but never was able to. This is my specs: Cpu- Ryzen 5 2600 Gpu- RTX 2060 6GB System ram- 16GB DDR4 Motherboard- Fatal1ty x370 k4 PSU- 650W PSU Drives- 240GB SSD 2TB 7200RPM HDD and a network card. but whenever I run a shader pack on Minecraft, I’m running around 30-40FPS. I don’t understand, my CPU and GPU should be more than capable of handling this load. It’s not that I really need shaders to work, I’m just super confused, please help me understand or help me make it work
  3. Hey Warrie, this is what I came up with. Thanks for the practice!
  4. All done. I decided to lose the whole beaver idea and go with a simple leaf and lettering. Hope you like it, thanks for letting me practice!
  5. Sorry I wont copy other's logos. I'll explore different ideas though.
  6. All done. Tried a simple and modern version of a pharoah and included your name to make it relevant to you.
  7. All done, check the main post for the completed logo. I took the colors for the Joker and created what I think would look the best. Thanks for letting me practice!
  8. Lol, so comment your gaming username.
  9. About this thread: For a limited time, I am offering completely free and custom personal logos for your gamer tags. Why are you doing this for free? Because I really enjoy creating logos and designs (especially for gamers because thats where this all began) and I need the experience and time to improve as a graphic designer. How do I get one? All you have to do is comment below, your preferred gaming username, and maybe something you want incorporated. And I'll do the rest. When will it get done? I'll go down the line of comments and do it one at a time, and because it's free I think you can understand if it takes a bit of time to get to you. So go ahead! Comment your gaming username below and I'll get started! Completed: IAmAndre: RorzYY: CanadaEH: Warrie:
  10. My CPU and GPU % is usually around 70 when gaming. My CPU rarely reaches 100%. Only when there are a lot of entities around me like on spawn island on fortnite and on the bus. My HDD however will randomly run at 100% and I do notice that's when the fps usually drops. It especially happens when first dropping into the map when it's loading the textures and all. Could be it?
  11. Ok, thx.. I'll definitely do that next then.
  12. So you're suggesting I need a new CPU?
  13. I upgraded a few components on my PC, and it still seems to not be working as well as I think it should. Running games like fortnite, and minecraft you would think it would run fine, but there's a lot of frame drops from about 80 on Fortnite at epic settings, down to 0-20 for a second or 2 and then back up. But I also play Overwatch and that runs atleast 70 fps with no drops at best settings which confuses me. Here's what I'm running, what do I need to fix to stop the fps drops? CPU: i5-2320 GPU: GTX 1060 3GB Memory: 6GB ddr3 1TB regular ol' hard drive PSU: 650W Using a TV for my monitor at 768x1366 resolution