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  • Birthday 1990-03-27

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    New York
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    IT Administrator


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    Vengance LPX
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    Gtx 1080
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    1Tb Mushkin Reactor
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    Samsung SE790
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    Red Dragon
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    Windows 10
  1. Cyb3rBlitzX

    Does Facebook even care anymore? - Plain Text Passwords

    How is this even still a problem in 2019?!?!
  2. Flying in from Buffalo solo, my first LTX as well I'm coming in early the day before and leaving the day after to allow myself time to recoup from travel. Would love to meet up someplace before the convention and get drinks with some of the other convention goers, Colton mention some good bars near the convention center. in the BYO...... Chair? thread.
  3. Cyb3rBlitzX

    LTX Fitness Challenge

    I'm getting myself back into the swing of things, and while I'll mimic OP's goal of losing 40 lbs by the convention and hopefully drop down below my current 4xl standings, this is just a milestone in my ultimate goal of losing 150 Lbs total. Pizza is my number 1 enemy so wish me luck!
  4. Cyb3rBlitzX

    USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Rebranding

    This is clearly just a way for manufacturers to take advantage of ill-informed consumers.
  5. Cyb3rBlitzX

    The WAN Show


    Never even thought about turning my adblocker off for the forum. It shall forever remain off going forward. Anything to help.