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  1. @xxzefgh Buying an used Radeon on AliExpress looks less and less like a good deal... @FivePointOh Thank you very much for your offer but for now I have decided to go with my brother's GTX970 and if that doesn't work, I'll figure something out
  2. @aisle9 For now, I think I will try to get the GTX 970 from my brother and if that doesn't work or in some time, I'll look for something for AMD. As for "Crocodil" there's no big story behind that Long time ago one lady started calling me "Krokodyl" (which is in fact "Crocodile" in Polish), she never told me why ? But I liked it so when it came to choosing a nickname for the Internet (it was maybe in 2001), I wanted to use "Crocodile" and it was obviously already taken... @xAcid9 That's good thinking, you're most probably right. As I don't have Air Conditioning and temperatures in Poland in the summer can easily reach 35C / 95F, the card is certainly not a good choice for me. @BLUEHEADPOT Which offer and which seller do you mean? If you mean my original one (XFX RX 480 4GB), then more things point to an RX 480 - there's 8 pin connection (RX470/RX470D either had none or a 6 pin) and the sticker shows 480P45IDT which is the "RX 480 Internet Cafe Edition". I do agree that the very same cooling (2 out of 3 heat pipes the same fans) has been used for Radeons 470D, 470, 570D and 570.
  3. Thank you everybody for taking interest into my question @aisle9 I also think that the RX cards are most probably legit, though they might have been used for mining or heavy gaming... Some of them also might be Chinese specific, like the "internet cafe" one or the 470D and 570D ones. On youtube there are quite a few reviews of such cards, for example by Tech YES City, Iskandar Souza (Portuguese) and a few Russians @martward It's not like I would normally throw away $65 but then again, I won't get poorer if it turns out to be a bad decision I will certainly let you know if I decide to buy one of the cards, though the shipment might take up to a month... @EL02 Yes, I might go with a more respectable seller, though they charge extra for basically the same thing... The same seller also has RX570 which has rather favorable reviews: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000380553288.html @Sat1600 I'm from Poland. Ebay here is basically non-existent and on the local used market the same cards cost at least 35-50% more ? Because of the strange cooling, currently I'm leaning more towards buying an RX 570, I'm not sure though if I should take: RX 570 4GB for around $68 RX 580 4GB for around $88 RX 570 8GB for around $92 Which one would you suggest. Also, in a bit of time, my brother will be upgrading his PC and then I could try and use his GTX 970. I know that Kodi will probably dump NVidia support in version 19 but for now it should be fine. Also VDPAU on GTX 970 supports less formats for hw decoding than VAAPI on RX 570 but possibly the I7 3770K might be able to software decode those (like HEVC 4K 10bit)? Best regards and a Happy New Year! Crocodil
  4. @martward Thank you for your opinion. I do think that XFX wouldn't release a GPU with heatsink that cannot handle it. Though it probably might be a bit loud as the fans will kick in more... I'm also considering RX 570 4GB: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000380553288.html The performance is maybe 5% worse but from what I've read it's also a bit better with power and heat management. In the end, I guess that either RX 470, RX 570 and RX 480 would do just as good for my needs. I know that I need to be cautious when shopping at AliExpress but up until now I've been rather satisfied. This is mostly a "for fun" project, so I'm not risking an awful lot
  5. Hi ? I'm a long time LTT follower and forums reader but this is only my first post I'm thinking of building a simple PC mostly from "leftover" parts that I already have. I will using it for multimedia (Kodi) and maybe for occasional 1080p gaming or emulation. I'm still missing a graphics card and as the PC will be running Linux, AMD is my choice. When looking for a cheap GPU, I have found this interesting RX 480 4GB offer on AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000465620296.html Checking the 480P45IDT identifier shows it to be a Chinese only "XFX RX480 4GD5 Black Wolf Internet Cafe Edition": http://www.xfx.com.cn/graphic_cards/480-4gd5黑狼网吧版/ The card's parameters look like standard RX 480 but unfortunately it only has 2 heat pipes instead of 3. This exact cooling and similar ones with 2 heat pipes have been used by XFX for RX 570 and RX 470. Will the heatsink be sufficient for RX 480 or will the temperatures be too high? Maybe I would be better off getting RX 570 / RX 470 or paying $20 extra for RX 480 8GB with all 3 heat pipes? Best regards, Crocodil