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  1. Is your gpu cable going in between the fan frames ? :D what size are the top fans?
  2. With that number of fans i got the ll120 spinning at around 700 to 800 rpm so they are arlmost dead silent event with the ammount of them. and also..for me its really the perfect case
  3. Hey Guys, Maybe some of you will find that useful if you thinking about adding more pull fans or something to your build. I have an obsidian 1000d with : 8 ll120 fans in front in push 2 on back in pull 3 on top pushing trough a radiator and 2 pulling from it 1 for drive bay. Recently one of my Commander pro died so the 2 back fans , 2 pulling fans from radiator and 2 front pushing fans were not working. I have several temp probes and one of them is in the middle of the case, near the mobo, just to see the general temp inside the case. When i could only use 1 commander pro, while waiting for the rma of the other the temperature after long gaming sessions were going around 30 / 31 C When I added the second commander and all the fans came back to life the temps in the same scenario are peaking at 24 / 26 in the Case, so of course all the fans are quieter. I think this shows nicely the difference. Have a good weekend.
  4. Hi All, So it may sound like a silly question but i was never to good in the electricity department. Say i'm based in EU, i have 230V outlets, in the US you have 120V. Are pc components like gpus or psus specially adapted, depending on region ? I saw that some PSU can work on both 230v and 120v range. Is that always the case? If I would move my pc to the US now, would it work the same way? Why this difference in the first place?
  5. Make sense. If they accept the RMA and I get a new one i'll plug in a different way.
  6. Hi Guys, Last night I had to reinstall windows 10. It was on C drive. On a separate drive (not partition) I had steam with some games. I was pretty sure that i will have to delete everything and install again. Which was the case for 99% of games. Luckily enough i reinstalled steam but kept the folder with games, and the only one still working is RDR 2 . I don't quite understand it. It's not visible in control panel or anywhere. Just in steam library and i can launch normally with no problems. Are there any downsides of it? Most important : is there a way to make it visible as a proper installation (regedit?) without deleting and downloading again?
  7. Looks like that possibly i found the issue. One of the two commander pros died. There was some voltage still going trough it as it managed to power up fans at like 100 rpm or so, but it was not getting detected. This caused the other COPRO daisy chained to it to also go nuts. That's why only the h150i managed to keep working. Althought without lights as those were feeding from the COPRO as well. Looks like also the HX1000I psu got a hit , cause its no longer geting detected even if i connect it directly to another USB header. I RMA'ed the copro , cause i assumed that this is the issue. Will see what answer i get. yes yes, ll120 fans has one 4 pin connector for the pwm fan control and a separate cable for leds. Those you plug either into the COPRO led slot, mobo led slot or some other hub light the lightning node pro (which i have) The scheme actually is that you have : 1 Commander Pro connected to mobo usb 2.0 header + power from psu : has 6 fans connected + 2 led channels ( 1 channel is lighting nodes with the 6 fans , 2 channel is led strips + obsidian 1000d chassis lighting) 2 Commander pro connected to the first commander pro with usb 2.0 + separate power from psu : has also 6 fans connected + 2 led channels ( 1 channel 3 h150i fans , 2 channel remaning fans). To this COPRO i was also feeding the HX1000i diagnostics - maybe that was the reason ? True is that both commanders were connected to one outlet from the psu. Could this be the reason? Fans are not the issue. After reainstalling everything , together with windows 10 I played a bit more with the connections and manage to have some fans running if plugged in another setup. For now i stick with the idea that the Copro is at fault. Will see the results of the RMA...
  8. Hi Guys, I have and Obsidian 1000d with 2 x Commander Pro and 3 x Lighting node pro + h150i and i was also monitoring the HX1000i psu Everything was working fine, all the led strips, fans and fan leds. Today they started to disconnect every few minutes and connect again, but they kept working. Everything was one. Suddenly the fans stopped spinning, but the leds of the fans were working fine. I started to restart the pc, reinstall ICUE, istalled Link , checked if there are some drivers to update etc. Now im only left with the h150i 3 fans working properly, without leds. In ICue i dont see anything except the H150i and the 3 fans. Everything else is gone. 8 fans on front not spinning. 2 fans on back not spinnining. The USB headers on the mobo seems to work fine as i switched the usb connection for h150i and it was working on both headers. From the other header i have the connection to the commander pro and another one daisychained to it. The PSU was connected also to the copro. Basically everything was working fine for several weeks so.. no clue. It happened suddenly, during normal use. No OC was applied. I switched also the connections on the PSU but i guess its not possible that some connections will work and some not? GPU, CPU works fine, all Drives works fine. Front panel temp display molex powered works fine.
  9. Hey Guys, I have 32 gb G Skill trident Z 3000mhz cl 14. I bought a year ago 16 gb and recently another 16gb kit. I was in the middle of solving another query with G Skill and they replied to me to they not suggest using 2 memory kits together even if they are the same model number. They said that they test for compatibility only whole kits. What are the possible repercussions of using them in such way? So far I did not notice any problems. Also did not try some very high OC.
  10. You guys use grammarly ? I always take such software as scam. It won't make you error proof. I am also concerned about the idea of using grammarly for professional purposes as it may pose not only data privacy risks but also make you less focused on errors in your writing. All that taking into account that english is not my main language. What are your thoughts ?
  11. I was just curious how it looks by others. My guess is normally the rams should be perfectly alligned or not necessarily .
  12. Hey guys, One year ago i bought 2x 8gb G Skill Trident Z ram. Today I bought another 2x8gb of the same. Same Mhz, same CL but I noticed that the leds on them are in a different position relative to each other. I changed slots and also compared each kit. It's nothing major. They are all working great. Just knowing that they are 0.5mm of gives me OCD : D is that normal for all ram kits / g skill ? or its only my case?
  13. Maybe the truth is that it's not your friend but it was you all the time and you feel ashamed. You know how it is with "asking for a friend"
  14. many says that is better to get tinted tubes and no color liquid then you don;t have to worry about cleaning the tubes so much.