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  1. Enochian

    Save Paper Project

    Hey Guys, I work in a corporate enviroment, we have 2700 people in the office... so we use quite a lot of paper. There is a project im currently leading to reduce paper waste and generaly increase awaraness etc in the office. Except the obvious stuff like locked printing etc i would like to introduce something.. you know, catchy. Maybe some contests even. I'm currently searching for some innovative ideas.. lets call it a non boring approach to the topic. Do you mind sharing some of yours if you happen to know? Like you know.. sometimes you can find those gifs with futuristic solutions to problems, like the robot collecting plastic from the seas etc... Maybe we can make some sort of brainstorm out of it? Anything is welcomed :)
  2. Enochian

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    So overall , the cases like cougar etc, where you have glass not sealing directly the case but sticking out a bit are dust magnets. I wonder if having one place with filters to put fans on pull config and all the rest on push would create an outgoing airflow and stop dust
  3. Enochian

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    How is the dust working out for you on that case? I'm always curious about that semi-open cases. Is the glass completely spaced away from the case? Do you have any kind of mesh or other dust filter under it?
  4. EU has also lot of good regulations, that people (like myself) can benefit from. It's a different mentality of course and some countries tend to overdo and guide citizens by the hand but in lot of cases it helps. Starting your own business is very easy in the EU and they fund a lot of initiatives
  5. but the system itself on pc's should be flexible enough i guess, to adjust the telemetry and other things? Otherwise it would mean that no one is safe? No goverment, no company... that's why the wild west was better
  6. Isn't that big companies with own IT departments adjust windows for their needs and set how it needs to work and what data to collect?
  7. dude, the adapter HDMI TO VGA.. they are like 5$ https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Female-Cable-Lenovo-Laptops/dp/B01F1T9IS4/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers-intl-ship&ie=UTF8&qid=1548930016&sr=1-1&keywords=hdmi+to+vga Probably you can find cheaper in some shopping mall.
  8. Enochian

    Free Sync on "Not Supported" Monitor by Nvidia

    Same for me, after installing the driver the monitor switched automatically. So... maybe it does work. i'll try today with the demo they suggest to use to check that.
  9. Enochian

    Brand for RTX 2080

    Asus for life
  10. Enochian

    Free Sync on "Not Supported" Monitor by Nvidia

    So how can I easily distinguish if enabling Free Sync both on my monitor and in nvidia control panel has made effect?
  11. Guys, just wanted to share that if you have a monitor belonging to the family of monitors listed here but not exactly the same model Acer XFA240 Acer XG270HU Acer XV273K Acer XZ321Q Agon AG241QG4 AOC G2590FX Asus MG278Q Asus VG258Q Asus VG278Q Asus XG248 Asus XG258 BenQ XL2740 - then you should be able to run G-sync compatibility mode Try it out and put info here, maybe there's lot more monitors to use
  12. But Hyosung is not Chinese and neither it's a knockoff. I guess there are some downside of such bikes anyway... i was just wondering if it can somewhat replace a bike costing 3/4 more. My second opt is Kawasaki anyway.
  13. Guys, any opinions on Hyosung gv 650? Do you know where to actually buy them around Poland / Germany?