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  1. well yea, you make it then you post that list and ask us if everything is good and such
  2. lmeneses


    It depends on the game but i don't know about at 1440p, but at 1080 you should be able to. Good build but maybe find a different case as DIYPC often are bad for cable management and maybe a better cooler. The arctic freezer esports edition is a good one
  3. lmeneses

    First time making my own pc please help

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181103 or https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6ZP5M60998 If you have extra money, you could go for one of the more rgb ones, but if not, these are good options
  4. lmeneses

    What kind of thermal paste do you use?

    lmao none you listed
  5. lmeneses

    What kind of thermal paste do you use?

    thermal grizzly
  6. lmeneses

    First time making my own pc please help

    Nice build but you know the founders edition are more expensive right? Also, the cooler is ok, but you may just wanna wait till black Friday and get one from a more reputable brand. Other than that, its good
  7. we can, but please just try yourself first. I know people will do it for you, but why not try first and experience picking the parts yourself. It is quite fun
  8. lmeneses

    2018 Newegg Black friday bundle

    On the premise that these are true, they got an msi z370 sli plus for $90 too, which if true, I will be buyin
  9. lmeneses

    £500 PC.

    eh, not really, stable at 60 fps in medium to low settings, yes
  10. lmeneses

    £500 PC.

    its most likely with any settings lol
  11. lmeneses

    What was your first job?

  12. lmeneses

    £500 PC.

    not to pop your bubble, but he said you'd be lucky to get a "stable" 60 fps
  13. lmeneses

    HELP! Posting problems with R7

    Well, maybe its cause you got a 470x motherboard. But maybe try using one stick of ram for boot
  14. lmeneses

    Motherboard question

    The z390 that @brob mentioned is a solid one, or if you live in the U.S., the ASRock Z390 Taichi is on sale for $200, including MIR