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    Intel i5-9600k
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    Asrock z370 Extreme4
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    Team T-Force Delta RGB 16GB DDR4 3000
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    XFX Radeon RX580 Black Edition OC+
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    Redragon K552 RED LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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    Corsair HS60
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
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  1. amd is making the b450 series compatible w zen 3 as well, while also being far cheaper
  2. you do not need an x570 or that high wattage psu for your build. Get the msi b450 tomohawk max motherboard and then get a 550w gold psu
  3. what mic are you using
  4. You would most likely get a bottleneck w an upgraded GPU. I would save up until you can upgrade both tbh
  5. I think its mainly because cards with fans rather than blowers can run cooler running at higher speeds without being so loud and hot. This is if you want to push the card as far as it can go, but, if not, like me, then its a great card imo, and I enjoy using it
  6. the cooler master h500 definitely. Superior air flow and is spacey. Always wanted that case
  7. AIOs have decreased in price recently from what I've seen. As for the best time to get one, newegg has specials and such all the time, but, if you're willing to wait, Black Friday is usually the best time to get anything hardware related.
  8. lmao well, if you have the money why not, and its better than getting a bad board and messing up your system
  9. what psu? And mobo is overkill, the asus heros and whatever are way overpriced, but other than that its good
  10. I mean, that combo isn't too shabby. You'd probably get around 65ish fps in battlefield and maybe a little less in the Witcher with that combo on medium to high settings, but then you're on ddr3 so. For a mobo cpu combo, you would get the low endish parts, so I would just save up
  11. Is anything overheating? When I first got my 5700 XT, the fans would not go on auto, so it would overheat while playing causing it too freeze and reboot
  12. What are the specs of your PC cause I doubt you need 600w. Also, EVGA has great customer service and have decent reliability, so either way, you should be fine. Plus, there's a small chance it'll arrive DOA, and it's just better to get a rated power supply
  13. Oh, my bad lmao, I don't come on here that often anymore, but, if you we're wondering how to switch the refresh rate, you go to display settings, then select the monitor you want to switch the refresh rate of, then go to advanced display settings, then select monitor, and it will show a pull down of the refresh rates it can reach, and you choose whichever you want