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  1. I had a note 8 before the Rog phone 2 and the size difference is minimal, I didn't had to get use to the size to the Rog phone 2 because the size difference is almost insignificant.(between note 8 and Rog phone 2) and what I mean that the specs are extremely similar: 12gb ram vs 12gb ram 855+ vs 865 120hz screen vs 120 hz 240hz touch vs 240hz touch Basically both are 1080p The Rog phone speakers are insanely good. 6000mah vs 4000mah And the major difference is the camera. The Rog camera is pretty good but is not the best, I compare it to the S7 camera but do you really need a higher quality camera? Think about it only a very small percentage of people do need a high quality phone camera, and most of people who do need them uses an iPhone. most people just need a camera that is good, not excellent. (I'm not comparing it to the s20+ or Ultra btw)
  2. Let's start off by saying that I own a ROG phone 2 and is a tremendous phone. While it's for "gaming" I haven't or plan to game on my phone. The s20 has extremely similar and in some cases lower specs than the rog phone 2, still people reviewing the s20 are ignoring the fact that most of the specs the s20 has can be found in the rog phone 2. I know the cameras are way better but come on, a 4000mah battery(s20) vs a 6000 mAh battery(rogphone2) is not even a fair comparison. And the price is just insane. The top* model Rog phone 2 costs 900 dollars from Asus official website but (as I did) you can get the 8gb ram 128gb storage version for just 600 dollars and the price/performance is insane compared to the s20. (Btw did I forgot to mention that the top model Rog phone 2 has 1 terrabyte of storage?) And the ROG has Freaking RGB. Leave your comments about the ROG phone vs s20, I want to hear all perspectives.
  3. So back in 2006-2008 my dad bought over 150 toy cars from the disney pixars movie cars and i remember he told me to keep them and use them in the future as a little help for college. I completly forgot about them until today and Im about to start college. I went to the attic and checked them, they were in 3 big boxes completly sealed with duct tape, i opened the boxes and saw that they are in perfect state, completely untouched. But my question is How much they cost? I have over 150 of them in perfect state but i dont know how to sell them or for how much Any advice will be appreciated thx
  4. Es mejor actuar Y luego tener q arrepentirse Que arrepentirse de No haber hecho nada Can someone please translate this to english? Thanks
  5. UPDATE: I changed my diet like 2 weeks ago and started to eat wayyyy more eggs and proteins overall, also started drinking ensure every other day. Today I weighed myself and it was the first time I weighed 123 pounds, finally a different number than 118 -122 I changed my exercises a little, im doing something called system 6, and i do exercises 7 days out of 2 weeks (one day i do them the next day i rest and so on)
  6. Thanks for the replies i really didnt thought someone would say something Well I've read about diet Well im not going to say im on a diet but i started eating wayyy more rice, beans and chicken since then And sadly i dont have acces to a gym where i live [unless i do a 25 mins ride which i cant afford atm] My goal is ~145 or more by the end of the year, is it possible? [of course in a healthy way]
  7. So im a 17 year old that stopped doing any physical activity at around my 14, and this new years my resolution was to grow muscle as fast as i can(in a healthy way) and gain weight, any advice? Im 17 (as already mentioned) I weight 120 pounds And im 6 ft tall And i know that 120 for a 6ft guy is not good I started doing excercise and stuff But for you to have an idea, my first day of excercise was on January 2 and i could barely do 15 push ups, now as of today(feb 5) i can do 45-50 But still no weight gain, im stuck at 118-122 pounds Pls help Thanks
  8. Just curious to see of how much would you all pay for a vega 64 strix? Also how much for an used vega 64 strix?
  9. The title days it everything i have a 600w psu and im waiting for a vega 64 to arrive, should i buy a more powerful psu? Its the vega 64 strix My system i5 8600(not k) 16 gb ram 3200 mhz Z370 500gb ssd 2tb hdd And the 600W psu Im not planning on overcloking anything
  10. @Netivity thanks but its a blizzard game, Its not on steam
  11. I bought bo4 yesterday(pc) and havent been able to finish just 1 game of anything because the game crashes mid game.it doesnt freezes or anything it just closes the game instantly midgame and cant open it back until i restart my pc. Yes i did check all my drivers, updates, uninstall and install again but nothing. And its very frustrating not to be able to play something that i paid for. Idk if this matters but my cpu is reaching 100% load and is something ive experience in any game before. BTW i have a i5 8600 GTX 1070 16 gigs ram 3,200(xmp) Atx z370 480gigs ssd