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  1. I will include details about the line: the line is connected to local box which is near my house and my shop (shop is down and house up) it also rotated around many other line cables.... the lines like a ball of ropes.... but the terminals seems fine. after that ball of ropes of lines it comes out near a condition fan or under it I should say (old model ones that has fan outside) then it goes beside some metals that forms the shop outside upper shape then it goes inside the shop to the main opening of the building (a whole from the roof to the ground floor and it opens on the basement) usually this whole is wet during winter but that should not do anything to the line then it goes near 2 other RJ45 and 1 12V DC cable near the wall all the way to my modem. I don't know what do you mean by a high powered device. I have been told that DC lines does not effect DSL cable but AC ones do and there is a column of electricity outside near the house but it is 2 or 3 meters away of local box. add to that this problem is still there while electricity cut so no 220 AC anywhere around me. do you think I should change the cable? or remove it then add it again? because I can't do that myself and I have to request service to do so and that will take days if not a month... the line should not effect the latency, right? Why do you think I have way much of latency to my gateway? latency goes down after that it does not seem logical to me tho.... XD (I mentioned that ping plotter is showing PL to around 50% from my device to modem. if that was real it should not be a good thing at all it is not about the 1 ms. About latency spikes I am of course performing this while I am sure not even 1 kb is getting used other than just pinging so it is for sure not because of low bandwidth and I can confirm that even 8 mb connection won't make less latency to me. however the latency should be always 67 ms (to google DNS of course not everywhere) if connection is healthy.
  2. In case you don't know G.dmt modulation is always better than ADSL2+ if you have low bandwidth. Mark this down in your memory you may need this info in the future.
  3. so I am fed up from my internet lags and all kinds of issues that appears. I contacted my ISP and it confirmed that DSL link down issue is not their problem and I should contact local service to check my line. well, I did so someone came and checked the line and it seems to be connected properly to local box and he tried to use the phone, but I am not sure if what he did is enough. however I am still having very bad experience in online games with Packet Loss all over the place. I also demanded to check the gateway and they confirmed that there was no issue in my gateway. in case you don't know to subscribe to ISP in my country you have to wait until gateways dedicated to that ISP become available, however I don't have knowledge about networks. all I can provide here is a details from my modem/router ASUS DSL-N14U and info about trace route. maybe some of you can guess where the hell is my problem. it is not a speed service 512/2048 KB Up/Down, but speed does not matter here and don't suggest changing ISP because I can't....... Notes: 1- (image 1) recent general log at the time connection lost in case it is needed 2- general log continue 3- a routing table. 4- here is DSL log: for SNR margin it gets to 35 ( the pic shows 18 db) and goes down to 0 then DSL link down Line attenuation still always healthy and great I am using G.dmt modulation as it is better than ADSL2+ when it comes to lines that affects delays and as long as my max speed is far less than attainable rate I should be fine I have no idea what power stands for in this log now for the CRC the image shows 0 CRC but sometimes I get CRC detected and connection goes worse and usually when CRC prompted by DSL log I lose DSL connection multiple times in a row before it stabilize at low CRC count then goes 0 again but even if it is 0 now I have much of PL in any online game 5- traceroute to google DNS showing high and varies delays 6-pinging 30 times to google DNS 7- ping plotter reports now here as you can see in the first there is a PL! between me and my router however that is not possible as I used differnt devices with both wired RJ45 and wireless connection and it still showing that, howver I tried different modedm from D-link and this report still the same for first hop x.x.x.33 this is my gateway IP and it shows much delays to 800 ms sometimes (570 in image) after that a bunch of PL reports distributed all the way. however I don't believe that ping plotter is reporting what is actually going on now I need your genius minds
  4. not sure if you will find that battery brand on the internet and idk why you are asking about the brand anyway. they are 12V Gel deep cycle batteries that all what matters. the charger is http://www.chinasuoer.com/battery-charger/112.html 4 four phase charger. I live in syria. the power supply is: http://www.mini-box.com/M4-ATX?sc=8&category=981. I do not use car batteries because they are made to be in car not dedicated to my usage or in solar systems. I would prefer a setup that is affordable and active. safety does not matter. I am aware I think
  5. simply because there should be no load applied on charger while it is doing his work (charging the batteries) it has a voltage indicator and a current indicator with a smart system to know the correct amps and voltages that should be applied on the batteries during multiple charging phases
  6. you mean fog light relay of a car? does the load matter when it comes to this relay?. I mean will a 300 watts passing through it have no problem with it. should I consider lost power and by how much? I mean for example if 300 watts passed through it, how much I will lose? (a couple of watts, a ten watts or......). I read that there are many kinds of that thing (relays) and I don't have knowledge about the differences and which one is efficient, fast and suitable to my usage so I thought someone could clarify these things for me here that why I posted in LTT forums as I did not study electronics, it is not my job. the problem is that whenever I needed something forums either I get (next to no answer, people can't even understand about it because they don't know anythign around it) or I get some comments like yours "it is easy you should not be asking here because only fools ask your question" I am simply lost in this forums dk what should I ask and what I should not since you guys hate simple questions and don't like complicated questions and loves to walk around every question while making sure not to answer it.
  7. it is always less than 14 and more than 11 for battery part, but for the other DC transformer it should be static 12.3 I think. I also dk what this kit is so if you can post a link for a product or something I can recognize would be appreciated. anyway I simply want to switch between 2 12 volts lines no more. I don't have knowledge about car battery systems , but from technical view I think the battery will provide DC power to crank engine then engine recharge back with 220 AC to DC charger again during running and the same charger will provide energy to car lights and other stuff so when engine get turned off the battery can continue providing power. I don't see any use of relays here.
  8. once i find the right peace of relay to my application I can hook it myself don't worry, it is just lines.... idk why you think that hard.
  9. I suggest you read the topic again so you can understand what is it exactly.
  10. For everyone who is asking my question: I found the answer IME or BIOS/UEFI has nothing to do with intel's lock on BCLK when it gets more than 102 for most samples. The lock seems to be through the chipset itself and only MB manufacturers can modify those chips to enable BCLK OC. No matter what I did no Intel ME downgrading, using different microcodes and even killing and removing. Even if BCLK option is right there and even if Intel ME is dead with highly moded bios you simply can't get anything higher than 103 so the theory of BCLK lock through software/firmware is completely wrong.
  11. However I will never use inverter and AC power supply again because there are no good inverter that will give me high efficiency except if I paid thousands of dollars for both PSU and inverter My whole power usage now is 110 watts per hour. It was more than 200 watts per hour using bronze power supply and a moderate inverter that weighs around 20 K.G just to be efficient rather than the expensive portable ones that give such a high efficiency and even if I have gone to titanium power supplies there are no power supply that give a high efficiency at low loads
  12. Well, I was not specific I cannot rewrite the topic or delete it so I edited it
  13. I have a mini power saving PC that uses a 65 W GTX 1060 and a 31 W I3 8th gen. It works on a DC 6-36V input power supply. I attached it to a deep cycle lead acid gel battery group. What I need is a DC relay that works on this DC lines so it can switch between (batteries and it's charger) and (another DC power source EX: laptop charger)
  14. form skylake to today it only affects memory and CPU nothing else, not even CPU cache