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  1. Overclocking my 1440p monitor from 60 to 75hz is getting me this problem. Don't know if this is actually screen tearing or not but it kind of seems like it based on how the monitor seems to be stretching the image along that line. Already tried all the vsync settings in the nvidia control panel. Other than this the overclock seems to be working perfectly fine. https://imgur.com/K5eLwEV https://imgur.com/OjvVSly
  2. Title. My plan is to do a custom loop with hard tubes and the rad out front, and hide the res, pump, and soft tube in the back for dat super clean look. Slightly prefer white but not a requirement. So far it looks like I'm going for this Corsair 540 case, but I'd love some more options. I also know about that ginormous Thermaltake case but that's a bit much for me.
  3. A full parts list would be nice
  4. Dad wanted a VR headset and asked if I could do a PC for under $500. I said heck yeah I could. Case is my grandma's old HP desktop, gutted. Started with PSU and fans because I had those lying around. From an old iBuyPower prebuilt that's been really reliable so far. Who needs fan mounts? Not this guy. Did an AMD cpu because I never made a system with one before. Ryzen 5 2600. We have post! Looking good. Got the GPU used after the crash. Not even close, almost like I planned it (I didn't). Like a glove Who needs proper GPU mounts? Not me, no sir. The case didn't have screw holes for a big boy GPU so I had to improvise. The PC is kept on its side anyways, so there isn't too much to worry about. Glamour shot. At first I didn't think I needed to change out the 5400rpm 2TB that was in the old computer. Soon realized my mistake. Got an NVME for myself and put my old SSD in there.