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  1. I am not getting this to game i already have a pc that can game
  2. I only want the white unibody ones cause i don't need anything powerfull i just need it for garge band imovie and youtube
  3. I Don't need a new one and they can run the latest version using a patch
  4. so i am thinking of getting a older macbook for school and video/music editing 2009-2010 macbooks do you think it is worth it 100-200$ specs Late 2009 2.26 Ghz core 2 duo 1-8 gb of ram 9400m 256 MB MID 2010 specs 2.4 GHz 1-16gb of ram 320m 256MB
  5. I am getting a older macbook next month XD
  6. it doesn't do it on windows 7. its most likely a 10 issue
  7. i got it off Ebay if this is dying then ill wait and see
  8. but it doesn't happen after you re-install windows they stay untill you re-install i have found it doesn't do this drive glitch with windows 7 though
  9. i do have 2 splitters for the sata power as this can only support 2 hard drives i got a spitter so i could have 3
  10. i have the bios set to boot from my ssd first and if there isnt go for the second drives and if that doesn't work go to the usb's i have files that i use daily i suppose i could just move them over to my second drive
  11. and if it is the motherboard shes been holding on to dear life for the past few months then jeez
  12. literally just got this one 3 months ago as a replacement
  13. so when i ever i have to re-install windows on my pc and beileve me i do it a lot, i disconnect my 2 other hard drives right before i install then i put them back in after and when windows is done and i boot up the extra hard drives don't show up so i do to make them show up and i still cant figure out what it is is i restart the computer 5+ times reset the BIOS open disk management in windows 10 and after awhile they show up and sometimes they have to be formatted through command prompt issue 2 when i woke up earlier and turned on my PC it said no OS Found please disconnect any drives that do not contain a os okay so disconnected my USB DRIVES witch i have 2 of and it still wouldn't boot so i opened up my PC and took out the extra hard drives tried it again and it booted and then i put them back in and tried again and it booted but what happened and how can i prevent it from happening again as i could lose data Issue 3 When i have my PC on i look at the power LED and it like flikers from dim to bright and sorta like a power issue any idea what this is?
  14. So i got my current computer on April 14th and i have bad luck with my computers keep in mind i have had lots of pcs that i wreck and this one was the quote last one i was allowed to get So when i first got this the specs were I3 3240 4Gb of ram 250gb hard drive Intel hd 2500 and after a month i upgraded all of it i3 3240 8gb of ram 1 ssd 1 250 gb hard drive and 1 320gb hard drive GT 1030 2G OC and i was so happy with the performance and its still pretty good to be honest i will probally get a i7 and a 1050ti soon but i was scared that the computer wouldn't last long as have constantly re-installed windows for no reason at all but there was a issue where the mother board broke and i had to entirely re build the PC And put a new motherboard in after that. and it turns out i did not put the cpu in right and 2 out of the 4 rams slots weren't working and i got them working 1 month ago after re-seating the CPU and now everything works fine the longest i have had a computer is 3 years and my second last one i had was for 6 months and i have had this one for about 8 months going strong and shes pumping the best it can to give me what i want in performance (wink wink might have Overclocked my Gpu just a little)
  15. The 1050 uses 75 as well and i have PCIe 2.0
  16. It needs 75w my pc only outputs 50w
  17. cant get full sized gpus or i would i mean i couldbut i would have to frankinstein the case like hell
  18. i3 3240 3.40GHZ 8gb of ddr3 1333mhz ram GT 1030 GDDR5 OC 1 120gb ssd 1 250 gb hard drive 1 320gb hard drive Just wondering if i should upgrade and what i should things i do Minecraft gta 5 rocket league gta 4 youtube netfilx video edit/music edit remeber i have a Small form factor pc that can only 50w through the PCIe slot my pc supports dual slot so yeah
  19. i used geforce experience to update and i ran a scan its all okay but i don't use anti virus software it slows down computers also cause i have a i3