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  1. Slightly overclocked, CPU is 50-60 and Gpu is 65-75. Thats in celcius
  2. Running 1440, max on just about everything. The general FPS doesn't bother me too much, more curious if the massive frame drops are normal.
  3. Is on last weeks update 436.02. But thanks
  4. Hi all, Running a 2070 and a 9700k, is it usual to be getting 80ish FPS in tombs and 30-40 FPS in populated areas? Im getting huge stutters in the towns, occasionally sinking to sub 5 FPS for a big stutter.
  5. Looking for a super slim wireless (either with very little latency or wired option) TKL keyboard in black. I'm a huge fan of Apples magic keyboard, but I cant find it in black. (at least here in Australia). Any recommendations?
  6. Looking to water cool my gpu to cut down on some of the noise, does anyone know if the NZXT G12 bracket fits my MSI Ventus 2070?
  7. Alrighty, Thanks all. Much relief.
  8. Its under load that its running hot. Thanks for pointing that out
  9. Hey all, Just finished a new build in a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mini itx case. The GPU (a 2070) is running at about 65-70 degrees celcius. Does anyone have any experience with this case or know of any ways I can get a bit more airflow to my card?
  10. Hi all, Looking to off-load my pc soon as I am upgrading a bunch of stuff. Have no idea the worth of the parts anymore. Specs: Intel Xeon E3-1230 V5 ASROCK mobo 16 GB Corsair RAM 1050ti 1 TB WD Black HDD 600W Be Quiet! Power Supply I don't need a perfect dollar amount, just a ballpark figure. (Australia BTW)
  11. How about XPS 13 vs Razer Blade Stealth?
  12. Sorry! A dell XPS 13, standard or touchscreen. Inspiron 13-7000, inspiron 13-5000. Surface Pro i5 line. 13 inch Macbook Pro.
  13. The low range xps and high range inspirons seem to be the sweet spot
  14. I don't have any exacts really, lightweight and compact enough that it doesnt feel like a mission carrying it around. Minimum battery about 8 hrs.