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  1. I have a duel core amd a4 4020 and i want to pair it with a gtx 1650. Will i be able to play AAA titles without CPU bottleneck
  2. Which ipad should i get the ipad air or pro 2nd generation. I fear that pro 2nd generation might not get software updates after some time.
  3. I have an at't samsung s8+ they haven't updated it since the launch can i install verison android 9 ? i fear it might brick the phone
  4. https://www.findoldapps.com Download old apps from here but you need a 32 bit device like iphone5 or earlier
  5. I have a samsung s8+ its an at't version running android 7 they haven't updated it since the launch can i install a verison version of android 9 on it ? I fear it will brick the phone
  6. I have some doubts about vortex cloud gaming. When I open the app in some games it is written licence required when I click on it sometime it shows you need to buy this game from steam but sometimes it shows subscribe and play Does it mean that the game is free
  7. Human eye cannot see frames above 60fps 1080 ti can play any AAA title at 60-80 fps in 1080p But if you want Ray tracking and 4k gaming go for 2080 ti I would probably wait for next month for launch of 2070 and then decide But if it's urgent get a 1080 ti
  8. These graphics card are not available in India I am thinking about getting a new Radeon Rx 360 and using the same processor
  9. The biggest problem is that I have ddr3 8gb ram but ryzen only supports ddr 4 ram. The worst thing is that gtx 750 to is out of stock everywhere
  10. I have a gigabyte ga f2a68hm s1 mother board with AMD a4 Should I upgrade to a gt1030 Or Should I buy a new mother board and get ryzen 3 2200 g
  11. I think that a Samsung Chromebook or the Asus vivo book is an awesome choice
  12. Chromebook vs old MacBook vs windows Which laptop is best under 600$