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  1. Hello guys I had a chance to try amazon mini pc. I bought two with Celeron CPUs and they are perfect for daily task and the wattage consumption is maxed 12w and average of 6w. First scenario This is awesome considering I use 90% of the time my pc to display an image of a reference and listen to music or podcasts background (for likely 6 to 7 hours a day). The most annoyance is the fan that kicks in, and CPU usage usually at 100%. Second Scenario I also have a ryzen 3600 desktop and its awesome. Anyway, I have sold this one because I need something power efficient when needed and high performance for likely 1 time a week. So, Question 1 time a week I need to encode some large files (video recordings) in handbrake. This is the only reason I need to build a mini pc that could allow me to switch from low wattage consumption (when I use it for the first scenario) and high performance (second scenario). Also, it should be very little and with no fan noise (or coil noise) at all during the first scenario usage, for second scenario I don't care because I will do it 1 time a week I need it to stay below 10w when I use it in first scenario What is your recommendation?
  2. Hi I need a laptop to display 5 to 8 hours per day a reference image basically every day, connected via hdmi to my 43 inch 4k TV. I will also use it for video editing in premiere from my camera (lumix g7) and photo editing in Photoshop. I also use 4k videos but i do proxies so i have no problem of lags when editing. I have my eyes on intel 10th gen so it can be future proof. Requiement for the laptop is that the screen has to not use pwm. I cannot use laptop with pwm. Pwm need to be 0 or not detected. I would prefer also 120hz, but they cost a bit more. Size of the display i prefer big, so more than 14, likely 15.6 or more. Ihave 1200€ of budget and i buy from amazon italy! Thanks you
  3. Hi there I use my pc just to display reference for 5/6 hours every day, but when i need to encode or edit videos its just 1 hour of portion! How i could create less power consuption when just displaying references, putting all the hungry things likely on low frequencies forced, and so consume less wattage?? atm wattage in idle its about 60/70 watts I have a R5 3600 RX 570 NVME SSD B450 TOMAHAWK Thanks
  4. in terms of time how much approx would it mean? For example, if a video would take 1 hour to render on the 3600, this mean that render on a 8750h would take 2 hours?
  5. Yeah that would be a must i am more interested on how thoose cpus could compare
  6. I yet have a Desktop pc with theese conf MSI B450 TOMAHAWK 16GB DDR4 R5 3600 RX 570 512GB NVME I am pretty amazed about this pc, but there is a problem. My personal use of the pc is to do - video editing in Premiere (normally i would import 4k footage, then it will transcode into a 540p proxy and i will edit in proxy mode so i have smooth playback). My videos are usually 10 minute timelapses or 3/4 hour realtime videos. - then video rendering from 4k to 1080, into a Apple pro res big file (i dont need to stay at my pc i just leave it and keep it exporting) - then video encoding with handbrake into an mp4 1080 x264 format (again i dont need to stay at my pc i can just keep it plugged to ac) - Reference: here come the problem, since i am an artist and i need references to draw, my desktop pc is fixed while a laptop could be detached from ac and bring to the table where i have a big monitor and connect it to an HDMI to have display the big references and zoom and modify as i want. My thought on my setup are thoose. If i can sell my pc for worth money without a huge loss (a friend of mine is building a pc so i can give him with losing 100 max 150 euros, because he knows that all parts are perfectly working and used well), and buy thoose 45w laptop new for me that have thoose 8750h or 9750h cpus, will be the same for me? I mean no much change in the rendering and encoding tasks? i saw cpus benchmarks on geekbench 5 and passwmark and score are the same between 8750h and 3600. Also which is the power consumption of thoose new 45w laptop? Thansk tell me also your toughts
  7. Should i get a fast removable 64gb usb drive for 17 euros or a 128gb internal ssd for 20 euros? Which will be more secure? Thanks
  8. Hi there! I have a windows on my nvme drive but i have on it a cracked program that i ve downloaded because i would try it and then if i like it i will buy! SInce i use also my pc to go to my bank account i would like to know , if i can make a new user will make my windows more privacy with no risk , or i need to install a new clean windows on a new drive that i will use only to login into the bank? thanks
  9. Hi guys my new pc build is pretty good but when i Power off the pc, emit a stac sound! I tried to hear from where its coming and for me is the power supply.. one moment i let you listen it t_video5917825503451940263.mp4