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  1. Okay, thank you ! Yes the modi 2 and Magni 3 would be good but the Schiit products are out of stock in all site where i can buy it for France, and I also can't find her used. So think I'm going to buy the Fostex HP-A3 if I have no better option.
  2. Nice thread, thank you ! I have 2 headphones : Philips Fidelio X2 and Beyerdynamic DT 990 I want to buy an amp/dac combo to use it with my game consoles (Xbox One and PS4) and also my Pc. My budget is 200€ I have read on Internet that I need an optical input to make the amp/dac combo work with my game consoles, and I also want an amp/dac combo which can be powered by usb only. I live in France and so I have only found 3 amp/dac combo that seem to be good, which I can buy and that have an optical input and is powered by usb. SMSL M3 ( I can buy it for 80€ ) Audio Engine D1 ( I can buy it for 198€ ) Fostex HP-A3 ( I can buy it for 193€ ) What do you think ? Are they good ? Or do you know amp/dac combos which are better ? Sorry if I have made spelling mistakes.