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  1. HashBrowns

    *SNAP* - Slider phones are back, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3

    Will I get in trouble here to say I actually like that design? When I played college ball, these small flip / juke phones were the best. I used to just toss them in my baseball bag not have to worry about breaking the screen, etc. Got texts from coach/and ability to call. All I needed. Was using a virgin mobile plan back then though, was dirt cheap but perfect for my use. Can't remember the phone but it kinda looked like that Samsung one, but smaller and couldn't rotate. I miss it dearly
  2. If it was, I expect the company to denounce what happened instantly and apologize and lift every ban. If not, they are complicit and dead to me. Game companies need to be held at a higher standard, they get away with a lot of baloney imo.
  3. HashBrowns

    *SNAP* - Slider phones are back, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3

    I'm still using my Palm pre lol
  4. Sounds extremely prejudiced. Not going to support a game company who does shit like this. If a player can game on TempleOS, Linux, Windows, etc they should have the right to play the game.
  5. I don't understand this. Bill Gates (father of Microsoft) created Windows which looked like dog shit, but today looks amazing. You don't see people bashing Bill Gates..
  6. I'm still rocking my i7 2600. TBH, i'll prob wait for Zen 2 to upgrade. Do you think the DDR4 prices will go down a bit by then?
  7. I don't think it's fair to make a news announcement about leaked source code, without supplying the source code. That's the entire reason I clicked on this thread
  8. HashBrowns

    Ryan Shrout leaves PCPer and joins... Intel

    His twitter avatar looks like Mark Zuckerberg's dad
  9. I don't like that personally then, distorts reality. Pictures should show the real world, not edit it for something it's not. Especially if its done by default and not toggleable
  10. Yeah, the cheapest route I was looking at would be the R5 2600 on ebay for $149 - the free 15$ ebay coupon. That would $134. Then another $124-$150 for 16gb ram, and 70-100 for a mobo. That's a lot of money for me personally, but I'm not sure if that would even be worth it. Would I see a noticeable performance difference in gaming/workstation?
  11. So it's like a filter that "auto beautifies" your selfie? I've never was really in the whole smart game phone thing, but why do people do that in the first place? Why arn't people happy with how they look? They are alive
  12. The animation is played on each refresh. Look at the top middle bar
  13. I'm sorry but what the hell is BeautyGate?
  14. Happens on certain pages, example: https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/6-general-discussion/ Look: This was not happening last week AFAIK. W10, 64-bit, Chrome Version 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) (64-bit) edit: Happening on viewtopic/category/viewforum pages
  15. HashBrowns

    Here’s why iPhones are better

    If anyone says Linus is biased or acting in an unfair manner, please check out 12:10. He clearly acknowledges both sides. He's coming at it from an unbiased viewpoint imo and is doing a great job.