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  1. It is IEEE 1394a but I can't find anything that says whether it carries a video signal or just data on this mobo. The main feature advertised for that board was NVIDIA SLI, which leads me to believe that was their only video focus.
  2. Appreciated. Though I don't already HAVE a server, I do need one (ok I'll be honest, WANT one). It may make more sense to run a VM on a server and kill two birds with one stone. That may turn out to be the genius suggestion that I hadn't really even considered.
  3. Then OP should return it immediately.
  4. I'm really not asking for alternatives to the build I want to do, but thank you. I do appreciate the feedback.
  5. Totally fine. And they can't enforce a warranty void sticker anyway.
  6. My Linksys router (WRT3200) has a an ARM processor, dual core at 1.8Ghz. And it falls on it's face with VPN enabled. I'm not married to pfsense but nobody online is talking about this stuff, it seems. Nothing current, anyway.
  7. I'm assuming they convert from fiber before the router?
  8. That just isn't much of an option, to be honest. Yeah there are some out there, but trying to find a good one.... well that's tough. 1. CPU - many aren't great, and the biggest reason I want to do this is to NOT have VPN slowdowns. I could just flash my router but I know exactly what kind of speeds I'll end up with-less than half of my potential speed. 2. Network support: dual NIC (minimum), or a PCI-E slot for the NIC I already have, or an M.2 breakout to connect a nic, outside of the case, which looks jank AF. 3. Or getting everything I need and spending $600+ when I can do a better box for less with off the shelf stuff. So I can sort through hundreds of NUC/SOC setups, potentially spend even more money, or spend $400ish now on a system that is definitely overkill...but who cares, if the price is right.
  9. Yeah but even that Noctua isn't very expensive...but I didn't think the 8100T came with a cooler. I'm not using a 1U chassis just because of the depth. Some of those Silverstone cases are only 9" or so deep. Right now I'm at 300/30 speeds but Gigabit is available here, though I'm still hoping that ATT gets fiber to my neighborhood.
  10. I'd get a O11 dynamic, or the XL version, or maybe a Thermaltake Core P90, or even a test bench build, with a custom loop and a little bit of RGB. Visually interesting, not something most people see every day.
  11. Budget (including currency): whatever Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Minimal logging, VPN support, split tunneling Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Parts: Intel E1G44ETBLK 82576GB Gigabit Quad Port PCI-E x4 Server Adapter - DELL HM9JY (already have) i3-8100T Noctua NH-L9i Prime H310I-Plus Crucial Ballistix 2x4GB Team MP33 128GB M.2 NVME SeaSonic 300W SFX https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MwQT9G I know it's pretty overkill for my needs. Most of the pfsense boxes you can buy use Atom processors, though I did see one that used a laptop or SOC i5. This i3 is a 35w part so I'm ok with that. What I like about this is that it uses normal memory instead of SODIMMs, and seems like the parts are readily available. I'd certainly be open to an AMD solution but I wasn't seeing parts in stock that were lower TDP, used AES-NI, or both. There aren't a lot of current builds out there for this kind of thing. I'm seeing a lot that use obsolete server parts, but either those parts are no longer available, or they've gone up in price so much that it just doesn't make sense compared to current consumer stuff. I'm going to throw this in the smallest Silverstone HTPC style case I can, because they're fairly cheap and will fit on a closet shelf. I have a 200mm fan exhausting from that closet into my master bedroom closet so it stays quite cool. Even with the fan running at roughly 25% speed. I'm pretty happy with that solution. I also have a stack of 750GB laptop drives that I might make an unraid server with...but that's a separate build. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. I installed it but haven't used it yet. But I saw LTT's Honey Ad just now on YT. WAY better than that idiot who called it "Oprah" instead of "Opera" and called a shopping cart a "check-out" cart. I actually emailed Honey to complain about their ad quality. haha
  13. Found and Followed of AwesomeHardware Stream. Hello!

    1. Z3R0 CHANC3

      Z3R0 CHANC3

      Hi! Nice hat!

  14. Well with no boot codes or diagnostic led's there's not much anyone can help you with. Check cpu pins....double check that you lined up the triangles. Sounds basic but my AM4 board the triangle was almost impossible to see on the socket.
  15. I don't know. I wouldn't expect 3 fans to exceed motherboard fan header power. You'd have to check the mobo manual, and then look at the fan specs. Fan header probably has about 1A, so if your fans pull more than 330mA each you will exceed the motherboard capacity, which I imagine would cause other problems. You could check by unplugging one of the fans. You could also set the max fan speed to be slightly lower, a 10% fan speed reduction will drop power use by more than 10%.