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  1. Quite an interesting sale indeed... Micron's own QuantX storage drives are based on the same 3D XPoint that Intel uses for Optane (since Micron and Intel co-developed 3D XPoint technology), so I wonder if/when they might be selling these QuantX drives to compete with Optane outside of the enterprise data center space.
  2. kirashi

    Polaroid Monitor

    Try lowering the resolution of that display in Windows Display Settings. Usually if the monitor is detected but is showing a "resolution not supported" message it means your computer is trying to push a higher resolution than the monitor supports.
  3. They took away paint? Weird, it's still on my system...
  4. Some modems / routers don't support NAT loopback, which can prevent LOCAL network devices from reaching a server running inside the LOCAL network using the EXTERNAL public IP address. Since your friend can connect to the server using your EXTERNAL IP address, that tells us port forwarding is either working or not required. Have you tried connecting to your Minecraft server using the LOCAL IP address of the server?
  5. We would need WAY more information to even begin to narrow down what's wrong. What modem are you using? What router (if you have a separate one) are you using? Do you have any additional network gear? How old is this hardware? How is your PC connected? Wired? Wireless? What network card / wireless card do you have? Once you reply with this information, we may be better able to guess what the problem might be. That being said, if disconnections only happen when you heavily use the internet, it's possible your modem or router is overheating due to the extra stress that long/fast downloads can put on the hardware. (Even if it worked fine before, hardware can and does wear out, hence why it's good to know how old and what models of hardware you have.)
  6. Unless you can somehow convince Apple to properly support their AirPods products on non-Apple devices, you will forever be dealing with 3rd party apps that may or may not allow all features of the AirPods to work on Android devices. Assistant Trigger might be able to help disable ANC, but otherwise my recommendation would be to buy literally any other set of Bluetooth earbuds. https://assistanttrigger.com/faq#airpodspro3modes
  7. I actually have very little idea as to what you mean, so you might want to explain yourself in a little more detail so we understand what you're looking for. Tobii makes a variety of eye tracking hardware & software for different purposes, and even has a developer zone available, but without more information about what you actually want to do with such hardware & software we're really in the dark here. https://developer.tobii.com/
  8. I'd chalk that up to being monitor or GPU failure. Easy way to narrow this down is to hookup a different KNOWN GOOD working monitor to the GPU in your PC, or connect this monitor to another KNOWN GOOD working PC to see if the green lines appear on that PC too.
  9. Is the laptop plugged into wall power when you're gaming on it, or are you running off the battery?
  10. Oh, it's not a game you'd have given your money to - until the promised game is released, this is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.
  11. Assuming you're comparing 2 monitors from exactly the same manufacturer and series / model lineup, yes, a 27" 1440p display will have better clarity because of a higher pixel density when compared to a 24" 1080p display. I run dual 27" 1440p Dell UltraSharp displays for this reason, as they're the sweet spot for productivity for me.
  12. As far as I'm aware, neither HDMI or VGA support daisy chaining - in fact, even DisplayPort Daisy chaining is a feature your monitor specifically has to support. Both my Dell UltraSharp U2715H displays support this feature, but only once you turn it on using the on screen display settings of the monitors. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/lit_files/104996.pdf
  13. No idea, that would be a great question for Sony / Respawn Entertainment. Though I had PS Now and XBox Live for the initial year we purchased both our Xbox 360 and PS4 in, I refuse to renew it just so I can play games on servers that aren't even owned & operated by Sony most of the time, on top of our internet connection.
  14. You'll need to purchase one then, as both the G29 Shifter and Pedals require the Wheel to connect to your PC.
  15. As per the official manual, no adapter needed - the G29 shifter is only compatible with the G29 racing wheel. It plugs in via serial. https://www.logitech.com/assets/54130/3/driving-force-shifter.pdf
  16. I also cannot answer the first question as I don't know what the plans are for Apex Legens on PS5. As for the second question about backwards compatibility, @CloudPC is pretty much spot-on here - content you previously bought digitally via the PSN store should be downloadable via your Playstation Network account, however, any games you've purchased on physical media require that you place the disc into the console, just like you did on the PS4. https://blog.playstation.com/2020/10/09/ps4-games-on-ps5-your-top-questions-answered/
  17. While I haven't streamed in a long time, thus don't know what's changed in OBS or SLOBS software recently, it would be extremely helpful to know what your upload speed is and how you're connected to the internet. Hit up speedtest.net to run a speed test, then grab the shareable link or image, and tell us if your computer is connected over a hardwired or wireless connection.
  18. Just backup data you cannot easily re-download then replace the drive when it finally kicks the bucket.
  19. Eh, I mean, I personally wouldn't cancel a chkdsk as it can find other underlying filesystem corruption caused by botched Windows updates, for example, but with Windows 10 systems I've rarely had an issue cancelling it when I've needed to. If you have the time, just let chkdsk run through, then consider your next moves in the event the drive fails in the coming years, months, weeks, or days.
  20. I run dual 27" 1440p Dell UltraSharp U2715H displays mounted on a Kanto DM2000 dual monitor stand attached to a 48" x 30" IKEA LINNMON desk. Due to my work/play style and my chair being positioned just off centre to the left, my left monitor is horizontal and my right monitor is vertical, though technically both could fit horizontally if that's what you were going for. I find that 27" @ 1440p is the sweet spot when it comes to productivity in a regular office setting.
  21. If you're asking about moving the Outlook PST Data file to another drive (perhaps one with more space), that's usually possible. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/21384/where-is-my-pst-file-and-how-can-i-move-it-somewhere-else/
  22. HDDs and SSDs usually almost always have a certain number of blocks / cells that aren't visible to the end user. For example, a 500GB SSD might actually be 512GB or 540GB in size, but you, the user, will only ever see 500GB of usable capacity. This allows the firmware of the drive to map dead or dying sectors / blocks / cells to the "spare" ones, preventing complete drive failure as the drive begins to age. So, you don't "fix" sector reallocation - it's actually a good thing that your drive is trying to reallocate sectors as they begin to fail / wear out. The drive is saying "hey bud, I'm starting to wear out, so while these couple sectors dying are fine, eventually you'll need to replace me" long before it dies due to unusable sectors. That being said, as @Electronics Wizardy noted, drives can and do fail without warning sometimes, so best to backup data all the time.
  23. Uhh.... is it possible for you to take pictures, or provide an illustration of how you tried connecting things? I'm having a hard time picturing what you're describing. Note that certain docking stations and/or adapters only support USB-C Power Delivery over certain USB-C ports, and/or may only support USB-C Data over other ports.
  24. Good work doing troubleshooting - since it works fine over your cellular connection but not your home internet connection, that points to either a problem with your modem/router OR the route between your home connection and the TeamSpeak server. Your client log may reveal more information about the cause of your connection failure, and can be accessed by going to Tools > Client Log within the TeamSpeak application.
  25. https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=90190