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    Gaming, fishing, metal detecting.
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    Commis Chef


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    Ryzen 3 3100
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    Corsair vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire Pulse Rx 580 8gb
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    Cit Dark Star
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    500gb WD Blue m.2, WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive And a Patriot Burst 240gb
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    Antec NeoEco Zen Gold 80+ 500w
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    Philips 4k 60hz
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    Artic F1 Fans
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    Turtle Beach Impact 100
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    Rog Strix Evolve
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    Windows 10 Unactivated
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    Broken Nitro 5 With a 9830p And RX 550! Decent Runner When I Got It In 2017.
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    Oneplus 6T 128GB

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  1. I have a silencio case. Dampens the sound. Also looking to run artic p12s not anything expensive.
  2. Do they do molex fan hubs? Just to give me better cable management.
  3. Only got 1 fan port on my system that doesn't count the cpu one... But that's not an option obviously. Does molex or sata support any?
  4. I like the cooler master silencio s400 midi, was designed for quiet operation but sacrifices abit of airflow but its enough to not choke the pc! If you have fans then it wouldn't be a issue! My friend uses a Corsair SPEC-DELTA Carbide Series and he swears by it but my case using experience has been limited to the silencio, cit and a master box q300l!
  5. Hey... Turned it on this morning and it was fine! I'll keep you updated when I'm back if your fine with that? Came on as normal! I unugged my mouse during the night but kept my extender in because I use usb 2m extenders from my pc to me for m&k!
  6. In the uk, people are likely to experience spikes every 7 years but in rural area with a voltage box built into the house in Scotland... Its closer to 20 and unlikely! I'll leave it in! If I do have a spike and it gets past the ac box or whatever it's called then it'll probably be stopped by the surge protector.
  7. Cx Grey labels, neo eco zen gold, seasonic focus gold, evga gd, system power 10, corsair TXM... Really all of these wod work fine and many more! I always try and shoot for b+ on the gpu tier list and check for jonnyguru reviews and try make a decision on that! Try and get around 500w or a little more for it!
  8. My neo eco might be the same, I'm not sure but I assume that if it fits in the power slot fine then it should work fine? As long as the pins are the same amount and right place them probably won't make a difference!
  9. Should I just leave my pc plugged in and like I normally do while I'm away and will my mouse make a difference overnight plugged in? Sorry the light is abit reassuring to me because the light stays off when my pc doesn't work.
  10. Not that I know of... I only have the right stand off installed and no I touch the board alot for cable management and stuff! Just seems to be when I unplug and replug in stuff! But maybe it's coincidence! I can check if it's fine in the morning but my mouse light is on so I'm guessing it will post fine? Usually the mouse light doesn't come on when I need to do a cmos reset and all fans spin except gpu which doesn't spin even when it's fine until it heats up! Should I unplug my mouse? Will the light power consumption affect my pc at all? I'm going across Scotland in my car with my girlfriend tomorrow and will be gone for 5 days but I can try and see before I go and give updates when I get back but I should have signal while I'm gone!
  11. Should I try turning it on in the morning and see if it works fine? Like without cmos reset and get back to you? Tomorrow I'm going on a 5 day holiday around Scotland and I won't be able to do tests then but I can test it in the morning for you! Is that OK? Also my strix evolve mouse has the light stay on after my pc is off is that fine or should I unplug it to prevent damage etc? And is there anything that I should do to my pc before I leave it alone for 5 days? I'm getting a fan hub in a couple weeks to give me more than just an exhaust fan! I'll make a post again if that causes a problem and if it doesn't happen till then.
  12. Maybe but it worked! I can't keep doing it because I have to keep unseating and reseating gpu and WiFi card to get to it! Plus I'm assuming it will get damaged if I do it often? Any ideas? Both times it was after unplugging and replugging wires like the fan the second time and the f audio the first! It all happened the day after I entered my windows 10 licence if that helps! I get a single click noise after I shut down my pc everytime too! That might be nothing... Its a single loud click that happens everytime I do it no matter which way I do it.
  13. To be fair... I know some might foam at the mouth but a constant 60fps is perfectly fine experience! Consoles are basically just a cheaper way for gamers to enjoy their favourite games without having to splash out on pc parts or have to contend with pc related issue! Especially if a game is running at 4k, do you really need 120 fps? If you do then buy a pc or wait until they release a more powerful edition because the consoles would have to go from 500 to a much higher price to accommodate all of these demands! Your basically buying a quick and cheap way to enjoy your games and play them with your friends and have a great experience! Hey! I would actually suspect that the series x xbox might have keyboard support for games! Maybe not the ps5 but hey-ho! Just think about what pc you can build for £500! I know I did it! It's a r3 3100 and 580 8gb... Prices are obviously higher in the UK and you might be able to scrimp on other parts to get a 1650s or 1660 but could you get the same experience on it? I kinda doubt it because the consoles all run the same hardware in games... So it's easy for devs to cater to them to get higher fps and graphics on them! That's why consoles run wot so well on them for thre specs because very players is using the same specs!
  14. I have to keep resetting cmos battery to get pc to give video output? I'm assuming that doing this in the longterm is a bad solution because I could break something or stuff gets worn down etc... Why is this? I keep all my bios clocks for cpu and ram on auto and only change ui size in windows to 300% normal use and 100% when I play Minecraft for fullscreen scaling! Literally get no output until I do the cmos reset and have done it twice now and only get video after I do it! Somethings definitely wrong! Edit: I should say that in both time I was actually reseating stuff! For example the first no video time I was reseating the f audio cable and the second I was unplugging and re plugging in my exhaust case fan cable because I put it the wrong way around in my case!
  15. The problem is actually back! I reseated a fan in my case and it started again!