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  1. I updated bios and removed 2gb sticks of ram, didnt fix the issue updating bios does make the freezing a lot rarer
  2. yes, this is possibly true, i will look into it.
  3. Ever since I have upgraded my GPU to a used rx560 4gb asus rog strix, my PC has been freezing in games after playing for a long time. I have to stop playing for a while for it to not freeze again after playing the game for 5 minutes. The screen goes black, the audio resumes playing for 0-3 seconds and then turns into a constant static (a loud, glitchy zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sound) The fans keep spinning. I can do nothing except hold down the power button. My GPU's bracket came bent, which was not that big of a deal but could be a sign that it was dropped. (gpu seller had 3 of the same gpus and was selling them for 1/3 price off) I immediately suspected that it was my PSU since it was low quality. I replaced it with a corsair CX450M but the problem persisted. I noticed my CPU temps were high, i replaced thermal paste, temps went low and yet the problem still persisted. My GPU temps are fine. I want to know, is this due to my GPU? What can I do to solve this? What component is causing this issue? PC specs (no overclock in anything) i5-760 asus maximus iii formula rx560 4gb asus rog strix 2x4gb corsair xms3 ddr3 ram 2x2 ddr3 cheap ram 1X outtake fan corsair cx450m 450w PSU mx100 512gb crucial ssd 1tb samsung hdd
  4. is there any difference between the semi modular version of this and the non modular (except for obviously it being semi modular)
  5. yeah i didnt buy my old psu, also i had a weaker gpu (radeon 5770) and that worked fine with my old psu.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078HDMFRZ/?tag=pcpapi-20&th=1 if not please list me a good psu that is under 40 GBP My PC specs are: i5-760 (no oc) rx560 4gb asus (looking to oc) asus maximus iii formula mx100 ssd 512gb 1tb hdd 2*4gb corsair xms3 ddr3 ram 2*2gb cheap ram
  7. But if it were the PSU failing, wouldn't the fans also stop spinning?
  8. it's been 10 minutes of around 68 C on gpu on unigine and it hasnt had the problem yet. I guess this means the psu is at fault.
  9. thanks, where would i get a psu stress test. Also if i try to raise gpu temps, how would i know if my problem occurs that its the psu fault or gpu fault? i don't understand
  10. make sure your video cable is connected to the gpu and not the mother board
  11. but my psu is very low quality and it is very suspicious that just as i got a new gpu this problem occurs. it might be the gpu considering is was damaged a bit on the bracket when i got it but i doubt it
  12. I've gotten a new gpu and after 30 minutes of playing rocket league the monitor randomly displays black. The monitor is not off though, and the pc is still on and running fine ( fans still spinning etc) I shut off the pc, booted in again and it happened again 30 minutes later. I suspect that this is a problem with the PSU since its low quality and under the 450w reccomendation Specs: PSU: 400 watt http://www.highpower-tech.com/ID/product_page.php?class=20100527154213&id=20100530203201 CPU: i5-760 (no over clock) GPU: rx560 4gb (no overclock) reccomends 450 watt psu Motherboard: maximus formula iii 12gb ddr3 ram Windows 10 64bit
  13. My dad is a builder so hopefully he’ll manage it