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    LTT elite CS:GO player.

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  1. Different people have different tastes i guess .
  2. That's ur opinion and i respect it ,but i disagree. IDK why pineapple on pizza is hated that much, it's not a big difference for me.
  3. that reminded me of the ba banana song K POP is a rabbit hole so i will only say this. Hopefully "he" doesn't visit you asking for tech tips while sleeping. bonne nuit!
  4. Not again with one word replies..... looks like this thread is getting nuked soon.
  5. ? You meant that you thought the thread was locked ? But it isn't. YET
  6. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? lost what ?
  7. Maybe try flashing the ISO on a USB disk then boot from it. You should be able to install Linux on the external drive. The process is the same as installing it on an internal drive, you just choose the external.
  8. Just google it, it's just an old mathematical tool the Chinese invented to count and calculate stuff.
  9. That's why i mentioned farms and not insane computer stuff. (auto farms tend to stress cpus when stuff drops) but minecraft runs well on a potato. Idk about your 5010U but it's really playable with low end cpus such as an i3 3220 and cheap low end dgpus. EDIT: you should have said "chunk updates" instead of "redstone ticks" because that's the official name for them. (and that's the only name for them that i know)
  10. Well it really depends on how complex your redstone is. if you are building a secret entrance, any pc could handle that. But if you are running your mega piston fully automated farm madness or blowing up stuff (mods also bring high end pcs to there knees) then you need a good CPU however it's not a big deal to your average joe exploring chunks and killing the enderdragon.
  11. Not really, a core 2 duo e8400 can run single player in excess of 80fps. If it's a vanilla server, with a reasonable render distance and ram (A cheap SSD would really help with world loading/saving) maybe it could run about 5-8 players. But a Pentium would've been much better. It doesn't hurt to try, but if you can grab something like a quad core i5 for cheap it would be worlds better. (or even a Pentium)
  12. You need a DP 1.4 cable so you can get 10 bit color.
  13. aka the commandos series but in japan. Solid choice.