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    Ryzen 9 3900x
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  1. Thank you After doing the solution above my problems still exist after I have closed my laptop and then try to use it again
  2. I just have installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and sometimes my screen wants to auto rotate on its on and its doing this frequently. my only current way of fixing this is to use xrandr -o normal in the terminal
  3. I considered that but I had looked on my motherboard's memory support list and it showed that their were few brands that ran at 3200mhz that were on the list so I went with 3200 and I am on a end build budget of 300 dollars. I have also heard that amd was picky with the ram it takes. X570 Support list
  4. So This is the first time that I have bought an AMD processor. I am switching over from Intel and I have most of my parts already I just need some ram, a water cooler and a case. my old build was about a year ago so most of the salvaged components should still be good My Current build as it is now Ryzen 9 3900X Gigabyte X570 Elite WIFI RTX 2080 FE (had from previous build) Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 16gb (2x8) EVGA AIO 240mm 80 Gb NVME SSD (had from previous build) 2tb 3.5 inch SSHD Sound blaster AE-5 (had from previous build) Corsair 200r EVGA 750w PSU (had from previous build) I have plans to add card reader and a optical drive, and about 2 more HDD's My current questions are the ram compatibility with the motherboard, and is the PSU powerful enough to run this new processor and video card. will the 240 mm prevent me from adding optical media drives should I go with a 120mm AIO because I am looking at cutting cost by going with a 120mm.
  5. Edit: I found the same board in an x470 chipset for 20 dollars more Ryzen 7 2700 -209 corsair carbide 100r - 50 Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming x470 -128 new ram - 70 about 430 USD for this build
  6. yeah i could only afford a 4gb stick and then i got an 8gb stick i just found a single 16gb stick for 69 dollars 3200 mhz
  7. the nvme ssd has my windows install on it windows 10 64 bit and the hdd is a 1tb segate 2.5 inch i bought not to long ago for my laptop which hit the dust i just done some reading and i think im going wait until the release of 3rd gen ryzen to see how much a motherboard cost for x570 because im being told on one end that its going to be 150 and one saying 1000 USD
  8. PSU is Brand New i had to replace the one in this current machine that is barely clinging to life
  9. I am building a new gaming rig and I want to give Ryzen a chance. So I have a list of things im salvaging from other PC's 1. GPU 2 Power Supply 3. Sound Card 4. 12gb of ram ddr4 5. hdd and ssd so here is my question the ryzen 7 2700 or wait to get the ryzen 5 3600 because they are going to be the same price for the processors. I heard that the ryzen 5 3600 is going to be up there with the i7 8700k in preformance wise plus i have to save up the money anyway im at $128 USD and a budget of 450 i just need a case, Motherboard, and CPU and a water cooler 120mm the system im building is a full atx system
  10. Hey Guys I Fixed it my computer was in legacy boot mode instead of uefi
  11. I changed the partition type on rufus to GPT instead of the Master Boot Record and that still didn't work
  12. I think i might have messed up something well my windows 7 key was revoked and i got the build 1701 and this copy of windows is not valid thing so i decided to use ubuntu and i installed it like i did last time and then when i boot up it gives me Invalid partition table.
  13. so as long as i get a 10 gigabit network card, a new router with 10 gbps speeds and new cat 6 cabling.
  14. 1. whats the difference in the difference between the t568 a and b termination because i used A instead of B 2. Will a network switch boost the speed or do you have to buy a new router or is it the modem limiting the speed 3. i think ive decided to use a 500 ft roll of cat 7