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  1. I have a message in the action center by EFS UI, telling me to download my encryption key and certificate onto an external drive. However, I haven't manually encrypted anything. How can I know what it has encrypted and can I disable it without losing my data?
  2. It's a SanDisk (I forgot the model) drive, and it was like 3.5 euros more than the 8GB one, that's what I meant by "almost nothing"
  3. I recently bought a flash drive for the purpose of making it a bootable drive so that I can install Windows, but I got a huge deal because it was 32GB for almost nothing. Now, a Windows 10 ISO file is not that big, so it's gonna be a shame to use this drive for only installing Windows on it. How can I make the flash drive bootable and using it for storing data on it at the same time?
  4. Hello! I am looking to buy a DSLR for plane spotting. It should be able to record good videos (30FPS minimum), and it shouldn't be more than 400 Euros (Appx. 448 USD) as I am tight on budget. Thanks in advance!
  5. The glitch is the following: it says that there is no internet access, when there clearly is. I fixed it up by changing the IPv4 connection properties, and it works, but only on one network. Even using an Ethernet cable, it says there's no internet access. It happened a while ago when I installed a program, which shut off the network connection. I uninstalled it immediately after, but it still prevented me from accessing other networks.
  6. I am experiencing trouble with connecting to the internet. It refuses to connect to all but 1 network, and that's my home's network. The WiFi adapter has custom IP and DNS server settings due to a glitch in Windows. Since then, it refuses to connect to networks other than my home network. Troubleshooting steps I've tried so far: Plugging a LAN cable into the PC Connecting to my Hotspot from my phone I don't know what else can I do that would help. Please, help me out.
  7. Yes, I have. Follow the instructions on this website: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/log-windows-without-keyboard/
  8. That sounds more like a network issue. Try and playback a video from YouTube on a dfferent browser (Google Chrome for example)
  9. Ok, I will try and find a way for you to sign in without the keyboard, or by pluggng your laptop somehow, but a bit alter, as I am busy with something else currently. Is that ok?
  10. Oh, so maybe that's blocking the actual keyboard from functioning. Try disconnecting the mouse and test it the keyboard works.
  11. I don't think that will help. I am gonna look for a way for you to sign in without a keyboard or to connect your laptop to your PC as a keyboard so that you can sign in.
  12. Ok, so now we know that the problem is in Windows. Reconnect the keyboard with your PC. Do you have a way to enter into your PC without the keyboard? Maybe an onscreen keyboard? (I don't remember if there is such a thing in Windows when it's locked)
  13. No, I mean disconnect the keyboard from your desktop PC and plug it into your laptop.
  14. Ok, do you have another computer/laptop in your house? If so, plug the keyboard in and test it.
  15. Ok, so we solved part of the problem. Do you have a spare keyboard? If so, try plugging it in the PC.