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  1. When i turn on my PC the monitor is black screen until i have to press space to wake it up, it takes like 10 mins to wake it up but, i have another monitor that works fine with no black screen when turning on the computer. I dont know what the issue is but it just when i turn on the PC the monitor remains Black screen for 30 mins and then it comes back, There is a Dot in the bottom right in the monitor that keeps beeping with a sound and shows green color. sometimes it takes an hour and more. Please help me, Thank you
  2. Yes, i have an extra monitor that i tested, it worked
  3. When i Start my PC the monitor remains black screen, But after 30 minutes the monitor works and i can use it, But i have an extra Monitor that i tried to plug in into the PC, and it works fine without Black Screen. But the new one that i got from my cousin Remains black screen but after 30-40 minutes it shows display. Any solutions? Specs if needed, GPU: GTX 1050 TI CPU: I5-4950 PSU: 290W RAM: 8GB Monitor (Black Screen): KDF 60z 2ms
  4. Hey guys, what monitor you recommend me for those specs, and make sure it is DVI and under 300$ please, Thanks CPU: i5-4950 GPU: GTX 1050 ti RAM: 8GB PSU: 290W
  5. Also i need DVI because i have GTX 1050 ti, also for now 1440p, im not american but i can exchange it to dollar so now i have 84$, dont worry i can get more.
  6. Hey guys, i am planning on buying this cheap monitor, AOC E2260SWDA 21.5. and i want to ask if its good, if you guys have any ideas on good cheap monitors please tell me cause i am going to buy one soon. Thanks
  7. Zort

    Monitor on sleep mode

    i have changed some of the power options and hope that works
  8. Zort

    Monitor on sleep mode

    i am on my monitor (thats on sleep mode) and i have checked the bottons and no sleep mode options there, only Reset factory and scale.
  9. Zort

    Monitor on sleep mode

    And why do i have to upgrade PSU and stuff if my old monitor works
  10. Zort

    Monitor on sleep mode

    yes there is buttons on the buttom right, i will try to do it.
  11. When i turn on my PC the monitor shows Black screen, but the monitor keeps blinking with the green color. and i have to keep pressing the space bar so it doesnt sleep. that means it works, the monitor works for about 20 to 30 mins, and i have to wake it up from sleep mode, and i have an old monitor that i am using right now and it works fine, and it doesnt show black screen. the monitor might be on sleep mode or its broken, How do i fix this. Thanks if you need this specs: CPU: i5-4950 GPU: 1050 ti RAM: 8GB PSU: 290W
  12. well i just plugged on the monitor (that remains black screen) and it worked but for some reason i have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes. i think it is on sleep mode.
  13. I dont know why but when i turn on my PC the monitor shows black screen, and the Monitor keeps blinking with green color, (that means it works but remains with a black screen) but the good news is that i had another second monitor that works fine when i turn on my pc (using the second monitor while typing right now), but my main one shows black screen for 30 mins to 1 hour and works again. any solutions?
  14. Zort

    Black screen monitor

    this is the monitor
  15. Zort

    Black screen monitor

    it is, the LED (Green color) shows and it starts blinking