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  1. So recently my PC has been hard restarting randomly. Usually I'm not doing anything to stress it. Has happened when I had one web page and one pdf open. This started happening after my HDD failed (HDD is now out of system). The HDD is now unplugged. I've tried stress testing with Furmark and Prime95, but the problem didn't replicate itself. I've had a bad PSU before, and this seems like a different issue, as the power never fully goes off, it just gets taken back to the bios. I'm thinking that the drive somehow damaged my MB. Specs are as follows : Ryzen 53600 32 GB 3600MHz RAM MSI Mpg x570 gaming plus MB Evga gtx 970 Crucial mx500 1tb m.2 sata ssd 1 old hdd 550W power supply (I think corsair)
  2. Removing the drive did it. I've just never seen a bad drive slow POST like that before. Thanks.
  3. So I was playing some among us when I heard a steady beeping noise coming from my HDD. It's on its way out, and since I only store games on it, I'm not too worried about that. However, soon after that, I experienced a game crash that completely locked up my system, with no ability to get into task manager. Hard reset it, and it took forever to get to the main bios screen. Now each boot takes in excess of 20 min and windows is completely unusable once I get in. I've reset the bios, but no luck. Specs are as follows : Ryzen 53600 32 GB 3600MHz RAM MSI Mpg x570 gaming plus MB Evga gtx 970 Crucial mx500 1tb m.2 sata ssd 2 old hdds with just games on them 550W power supply (I think corsair) any ideas?
  4. @aezakmi thank you for your help. I had a sneaking suspicion it may be my power supply but I thought I was being paranoid.
  5. Still having issues after driver flush & reinstall
  6. My mistake. Actually 600 watt Thermaltake tr2. Model no. Tr2-600nl2nc.
  7. I did not get rid of all the generations of the drivers. Trying to reinstall the drivers now. I'm also ruling out thermals as the issue as I have monitored the temps and they don't go much over 50 C.
  8. So I've been encountering an issue ever since I upgraded my 660ti to a 970 recently (yes, I'm behind). I enjoy gaming, but since upgrading I encounter random shutdowns regularly. It happens so often that it's usually the reason I call it a night. I have a FX-8150, gtx970, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 650 Watt Power supply. I was looking elsewhere online and saw that my issue would likely be a overheating issue. I originally thought that was the case, but since It is still happening when I have my graphics card underclocked by ~900 MHz and my CPU underclocked to 1.3 GHz with appropriate undervolting to both, I no longer think it is the issue. What's wrong with my system????