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Billy Pilgrim

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About Billy Pilgrim

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Gaming 5 Wifi
  • RAM
    2x8 Corsair 3000Mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Windforce 1080
  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshy C TG
  • Storage
    250GB Samsung EVO 970 + 2 GB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair RMx 650
  • Display(s)
    Dell U2515H + a free 1080p acer monitor someone gave me
  • Cooling
    Wraith Prism
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K55
  • Mouse
    $10 wireless mouse that I see no reason to replace
  • Sound
    Logitech Z313 and beats solo 2 red that I got for free(its a long story)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Billy Pilgrim

    CPU for VM Heavy Build.

    Touche, but this time we did see benchmarks.
  2. Billy Pilgrim

    CPU for VM Heavy Build.

    Just to play a sort of devils advocate you might want to also think about future proofing. It seems as if Zen 2 will be on par with the 9900k and if you want PCIe thoughput PCIe 4.0 will help. Also because the 2700x is cheeper you could invest the difference in storage if you are on a budget.
  3. Billy Pilgrim

    The 2018 Butterfly Keyboards still have a problem

    I have some experience using these keyboards and as long as they don't have any dust I prefer the butterfly switches to Apple's older ones. They definitely have more tactile feedback, or at least it feels like they do. They definitely are more like mechanical keyboards Than the previous ones and I think that is what they were aiming at.
  4. The reason why Ryzen doesn't have iGPUs on the higher side is that they won't fit on the die. They take up the space of a whole CCX so that is the reason why ZEN APUs don't have more than 4 cores.
  5. Billy Pilgrim

    Could this be used to eliminate the notch?

    Samsung was actually hurt by the low sales of the iPhone X.
  6. Billy Pilgrim

    How to be motivated to go to the gym?

    There is no better time to start again than now. Walking is great and while it may not be the most effective method of exercise just getting outside is good.
  7. With the closing IPC gap of zen 3. The Ryzen core counts will definitely help with streaming.
  8. Billy Pilgrim

    Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    Not sure if it is too late to post this, but I think that Apple is able to repair this but unwilling. LTT has given apple an especially hard time and it seems that their iMac pro video was viewed a lot. Apple may have deliberatly been trying to send Linus a message to not buy their products again, believing that getting rid of years worth of bad reviews in the future was worth a few video rants, especially due to youtube's algorithm burying older videos. When I think about this sometimes I feel like i'm onto something. Other I feel like i'm just stupid and conspiratorial.
  9. I have the TG version, however it has great cable management and cooling so I think the same applies to the non TG version.
  10. Billy Pilgrim

    Your Faults that You Aren't Afraid to Admit?

    I have a hard time managing my projects and staying focused.
  11. Billy Pilgrim

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    There are precedents for monopolies like these and not much is done.
  12. Billy Pilgrim

    Vega VII Naming

    So kind of how Volta never had a consumer level card?
  13. Billy Pilgrim

    Vega VII Naming

    Thats true, however it may be there in place of it.
  14. Billy Pilgrim

    Vega VII Naming

    Wow even another coincidence/plan I updated the post
  15. Billy Pilgrim

    Vega VII Naming

    A lot of people have been talking about the Radeon VII and its name's meaning. 7nm or Vega II are the most popular explanations. Does anyone else think that it is sort refering to the rx 7xx sieries, like vega 56 and 64 were rx 6xx, or is it just me?