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  1. That is why I bought a $500 laptop that had a 4th Gen i7-4700MQ in it, well that was 2015 so I might have got a good deal.
  2. I have already decided on the 1660, I am just wondering if the design and cooling benefits of the Gaming X are worth the extra $30.
  3. It's $250, $30 bucks more than the cheapest 1660 cards. Is is worth the extra $30? I really like the design of this card but what about the cooling improvements?
  4. That machine is worth about $350 right now, so throw in a mid tier graphics card and sell for about $500+. For your new machine you should paint that card yellow, it would look really nice.
  5. Why not? Do you have a graphics card?
  6. It is pretty bad. 5 GHz is unusable and 2.4 GHz is usable but not good.
  7. Things on my end are actually pretty stable, but for my brother, he is the furthest from the router and he constantly drops out, I can try to run Ethernet throughout the house.
  8. I should have been more clear, we have a router, it is a Sagemcom Fast 5260.
  9. It is most likely the connection to the router, I do believe our modem is DOCSIS 3.0 16x4, so that may not be the issue.
  10. You understand we are in the late 2010s, right?
  11. I'm literally just trying to get a good internet modem that also has a phone jack on it.