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  1. So here’s the deal. I run a Roller Skating rink in Florida and our lighting system is ancient. It’s from the 80s when everything was weird. The board itself is ALL switched with 0 computer hardware of any kind not even a PCB. The lights are fluorescent based and can chase, dim, and go to the beat of the music. The functionality is limited and replacing it is mandatory. I am trying to find an LED replacement and can’t seem to find anything that would suit the needs. I am actually considering buying a bunch of LED strips and a bunch of arduinos and making them myself but I would need way too many power supplies and arduinos for the amount of lighting I need. I am looking for a professional system nothing too exciting just to have a chase feature a color changing feature and dimming features but I can’t seem to find any. Thanks, Timmy
  2. "Whole Warehouse Water Cooling Project" Epic Serie...all im sayting
  3. they make money on entertaining their viewers... I think succeeding or failing would still get their job done
  4. Hey there! I have a Lenovo Y560 Laptop with a 34mm ExpressCard Slot on it. I was wondering if there was a way to either make it thunderbol compatable with an adapter or have a GPU adapter card for the slot. Thanks! Gauntlet