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  1. I just connected another monitor to see if the same problem would happen on it, but as soon as I told my pc to use both monitors I noticed it went back to 144hz, so I disconnected my other monitor and now my main monitor can be put back on 144hz and it will actually stay there. I dont know what happened.
  2. Hi, So this morning when I started up my pc and pressed the windows button my screen went black for a few seconds and the resolution changed to 1024x768 60hz, I have no idea why, this has never happened to me before. I was able to set the resolution back to what it was 2560x1440p but when I try to put the hz back to 144 in the nvidia control panel and press apply the screen goes black (as if its trying to set it on 144hz) and then when it comes back on it asks me if I want to keep these settings and when I press yes it changes back to 60hz, does anyone know why this is happening? I am using a display port cable and I've never had this problem before.
  3. Yes but there's a separate folder for windows which fills around 40GB, I just tried deleting everything in my bin and downloads but it still says apps and features are using 30GBs of storage.
  4. Hello, I've had this problem for some time now and I dont really know how to solve it. My C drive is not that big it's only on 128GB so naturally I'm installing all my games and apps on my D drive, but somehow my C drive fills up, I've only got 35GB of storage left, so I went online and found this article which tells me to go to settings>system>storage, and surely enough it says that apps and features are taking 31GB worth of space, the problem occurs when I go into that tab and arrange the different apps after size, the one that fills the most according to my pc is Microsoft office but it's only taking up 323MB, I then scroll down and see all the other programs and they're taking up even less storage, there's only about 40 programs most of which only takes between 16 to 64KB of storage and came with the computer, if you would add them all together it would probably only fill around 1GB. So how do I see whats actually taking all my storage? I've taken some pictures below, the language is in danish but you should be able to see what I mean. Thanks.
  5. Hello, so I was just looking at a new display because my current one is kinda outdated. I found one from MSI called "MSI Optix 27" LED Curved MAG271CR" The screen isnt too expensive, it has 144hz and a great resolution which is what i'm looking for. But I noticed that the screen has AMD Freesync, I've heard of Nvidias version of this which is called Gsync but from what I've found the monitors with Gsync are more expensive than those without. Will that monitor from MSI still work with my pc when I have an nvidia card or will I get any problems with it cause of AMD freesync? I'm currently using the Gtx 1080.
  6. Hello, I just recently got a gtx 1080 and i've just downloaded MSI afterburner, im kinda new to it so I dont really know what im doing which is why im here. My question is, is it harmful to the card if i turn the power limit up by 20% and what exactly will it do, will it give me more fps in games?
  7. No but you can preorder it on Nvidias website
  8. The 2070 is just too expensive, where I live it costs around 769$
  9. I'm on a gtx 970 now and I would like to upgrade, but how do you know that there will come new cards next year? Wouldnt that be a bit odd since they just released the RTX cards?
  10. Hello, im unsure of what to do here. I need a new graphics card and it has to be a blower style card since the open air ones don't work with my case because its too small. I can't upgrade my case since it's a prebuild case (Asus G20) My question is should I choose the Gtx 1070 ti Founders edition or the Msi Areo gtx 1080. I've read that the MSI one is a really loud at higher temperatures, and that the quality of it isnt near the same as the quality of the Founders edtion. Theres only a 48$ or 40€ price difference. And as far as I can see online from tests theres only about a 10 fps difference between the two cards.