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  • CPU
    FX 8300
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    8gb 1600mhz
  • GPU
    GTX 970
  • Case
    DeepCool Tesseract SW
  • Storage
    WD 750GB 7200RPM
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 600w
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
  • Operating System
    Window 8.1 Pro

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  1. ZFGeek

    Headphones under $50

    Thanks, now I have some solid options to choose from!
  2. ZFGeek

    Headphones under $50

    I would like to purchase some headphones for myself, as I don't like ear buds. They will be used mostly to listen to music on my phone, and have to be over-ear. Budget is around $50. Recommendations?
  3. ZFGeek

    Half of Files are 'lost'!

    AVG antivirus didn't find anything, checking for malware now... There isn't any malware or viruses on my computer, I may have to back up my files and fresh reinstall Windows. Thanks guys for the help!
  4. ZFGeek

    Low Fps

    He said 70-80c in the post, which is below what max temp is for components like that.
  5. ZFGeek

    Low Fps

    Have you tried lowering your settings a little more? I know this probably isn't it, but the only other thing we haven't checked is bottlenecking for some reason. try messing around with different graphics settings and see of it changes. This is more of a long term approach, but it is the last thing I can think of.
  6. ZFGeek

    Low Fps

    Process of elimination...unless it is just irregularities in the servers...That is very odd to have that much difference when you have near optimal gaming conditions. Sorry I wasn't of any help.
  7. ZFGeek

    Half of Files are 'lost'!

    Oops...I haven't scanned this computer since I got it... I could've sworn I did. Scanning now.
  8. ZFGeek

    Low Fps

    Do you move where you game from a day to day basis? Your components could be thermal throttling if you put it on the sofa one day then on a desk the next.
  9. ZFGeek

    Low Fps

    On the days where you have lower FPS are you running other software or browsers in the background? That could lower your performance. You should also check for processes running that you are not aware of.
  10. ZFGeek

    Half of Files are 'lost'!

    I just tried that, and it says that it can't find the file. I can access command prompt, but not admin command prompt.
  11. ZFGeek

    Which RAM Upgrade

    Well, if you go 32 GB, you probably wouldn't have to upgrade for a long time, if ever. 16 gb would get the job done, though. Doing 4k footage, especially if you plan on editing longer videos, would benefit from 32 gb. It all really depends on what you want.
  12. ZFGeek

    Half of Files are 'lost'!

    @NelizMastr, is there a way of backing up ALL of my files in one place without painstakingly copying every file separately? I may have just reintalled using the wrong process. I was using a reinstall that saved all the files.
  13. ZFGeek

    Half of Files are 'lost'!

    I've done that twice actually... I've been having this problem, I just didn't realize that it went as far as system tools, so I ignored it. Now I know the problem is serious, and I need to figure it out. Plus, I have a lot of sensitive files on here that I'd like to keep, and a reinstall would delete all of them.(it took me 3 hours to transfer them to this computer after the old one almost died!) It is almost like the reinstall files are corrupted too, but I don't know.
  14. ZFGeek

    Half of Files are 'lost'!

    So, when I go to open some of my files on my laptop, it comes up with the error in this screenshot. It is only with certain files, and some I freshly download as well. Some of windows tools are inaccessible! I tried doing multiple hard drive scans, and they come back normal. What is going on?