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  1. I'm a YouTuber (unrelated to tech) and was voice acting a few lines on an animation with the trope, but couldn't really find a good delivery. So I was looking for a few examples and remembered that Riley did a good version awhile back that made me laugh. Sorry if that seems like a pointless reason, but it was really bugging me that I couldn't find it. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. THAT'S IT! Thanks a ton! I was searching for ages.
  3. Also it was definitely on the main channel. Not any of the sister channels (eg. Techlinked, Techquickie, etc).
  4. It's definitely not from this year. Maybe mid or early 2019. Or late 2018... I've been searching for awhile already, but as you know they produce a lot of videos.
  5. Hey guys. I'm trying to remember a very specific LTT video that I've been looking for but I can't remember many details about it. All that I remember is that it began and ended with a skit. Riley was voicing a laptop or tablet or something that got thrown into the trash for not being good (thrown away by Linus, I think?), and he began with the cliche line: "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation..." or something along those lines. If anyone here remembers which video this is, that would be amazing. Thanks.