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  1. So I have a 50mbps plan, when I do a speedtest I get around 48mbps, which is normal, but when I actually download something my speed is way way lower. E.g., I was downloading a game from steam and the max Dowland speed I got was around 2.7MB/s, being less than half of the 6MB/s I should theoretically get. I'm connected via ethernet and tested this with a playstation as well. I'm really confused right now, am I missing something?
  2. So I have a very annoying problem, a really big house. My router is plugged in on one end and my room is on the other end. Obviously wifi in my room is terrible. Is it possible to use a second router (I have a line in my room as well), that works simultaneously with the one I already have? I can use 2 phone devices using the same number this way, will Internet work too and If yes, will this affect my speed? (I have 50mps)
  3. overther

    Any ideas for an e-shop?

    I was thinking about the book store my self. Custom pcs etc are too "typical", most students choose this type of stores, so I'd rather avoid them and do something more distinct
  4. overther

    Any ideas for an e-shop?

    We have this project in college, we have to build an eshop then present it to the class. I'm running low on ideas though.. I don't want it to be the "typical" pc-gaming-clothes eshop, since thats what more students did in the past. Anyone has an idea?
  5. I have a Sony Xperia Z3 running cm14, that has served me well over the years, but recently it's acting a bit weird. At first it would restart when I dropped it, I blamed it on the battery getting out of place, since the back glass is broken and a part of the battery is exposed. Yesterday though, the phone started restarting randomly, even when I have it on a solid surface, just watching a YouTube video, not even touching it. It works great while charging, while for some reason it will super charge after 50%, (it takes about an hour and a half to reach 50%, while it takes less than 10 minutes from there to reach 100%) this started happening from yesterday as well. The battery is relatively new, i have changed it less than a year ago. I also tried to calibrate the battery, but it didnt help at all. No new apps installed or settings changed.
  6. I thought that a fan project to do this christmas would be to put a rasbery in a dead psone console I have and turn it to an emulation box. Since it is the first hardware modding I'll do though, I need some help and all the tutorials I found onlnie were for the fat model. Would anyone happen to have a tutorial of some sort or something?
  7. overther

    convert windows 10 mbr to gpt

    I try to convert my mbr to gpt but cmd gives me an error. I also tried easeus partition master but I dont even get the option to do it on the driver I want, while the option is there for my hdd that has no os in it. Any ideas?
  8. overther

    Any way to use gtx1060 drivers with windows vista?

    I've tried both a usb 3 and 2 port. So far I've only managed to reach the window that you choose the ssd-hdd but I get a missing driver issue. Apparently, based on what I read online, windows 7 and prior versions arent supported by intels newst cpus, ther is a fix for win 7, but nothing for vista. I'll try installing them on an older laptop that I have and then move the hdd to the desktop, it could probably work, last time I did something simular my desktop booted straight to win 7, which was the os I had in the laptop I took the hdd from, so I hope that the same will happen with vista.
  9. overther

    Any way to use gtx1060 drivers with windows vista?

    Well it seems that I have some more troubledhooting to do before the gpu. Vista's installation program refuses to start on kaby lake so I'll have to fix this first
  10. overther

    Any way to use gtx1060 drivers with windows vista?

    Cool I'll try it I'm not going to use them for ever, just for a week or so, like a test or something. I want to try the 64 bit version of xp after this, but I think that I'll have waaaaay more issues with my hardware
  11. After watching Linus'es video about vista I decided to install them on my system and use them as my only os for a week or so, just for the lolz. The problem is that my gpu is the gtx 1060 which doesnt have drives for vista and using them without drivers isnt the best idea.... Any way to install them?
  12. I have a dell e6410 witch I really like, but it's getting old. What I want is to replace the mobo with one from a newer system, since I really like this dells build quality and looks in general. Is this possible and what should I be aware of if I try to do this?
  13. overther

    windows 7 laptop can't connect to college wifi

    I tried again this time using Linux mint 18.3 (same laptop) and it connected immediately. Windows still can't connect though... No matter the browser and site.
  14. overther

    Good budget mechanical keyboard

    Looking for a budget mechanical keyboard around 30€ any good recommendations?
  15. Idk, it worked fine with the live cd, not the fastest thing, that's for sure, but definitely acceptable. I'm trying again now, it seems that after 78% the installation slows down for some reason. It takes like 5 minutes to reach 78 and it's been 4 hours since, but it actually managed to reach 81%, so I'm leaving it to see what it will do. I'd try an other version, but I'm out of cds, so until I get some I'm stuck with 10.04. The Celeron being a Celeron decided all of a sudden that it doesn't want to post anymore, so I'm stuck with the pentium.