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  1. Yes i'm looking for portability so don't really want the desktop. 4k isn't a priority at all. Just thought the q535 had some good specs for a 2in1. I was leaning towards the MSI but i waited to long and the price went back up to $1599
  2. Hey guys, Looking at a new laptop. After many years with mac, i'm heading back to pc. New laptop needs to handle light to moderate gaming as well as some 3D software and I watch a lot of movies. I'm from the US and strictly buying from Bestbuy because i'm trading in my MBP so I'll have a credit. Weight and battery doesn't matter much because I'll be mostly plugged in. I was looking at these 3 laptops. I want to stay under $1500 ASUS GU501GM-BI7N8 MSI S63 STEALTH-010 ASUS Q535UD-BI7T11