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Everything posted by katjaneway

  1. Lol right I've been wanting to ask him about that statistic as well "how many are between the ages of 30-35? And how many of those are women?" I'm probably at 1% lol
  2. katjaneway

    Will there be an Itinerary?

    I'm trying to decide which day I can go; I won't be able to do both. Linus said he was leaving early on Saturday for his concert and so I'm trying to decide if Sunday would be better. Is there usually an itinerary of talks of who and when? Thanks!
  3. LTX first timer here as well, be driving up from the Seattle area. I'm planning on a day at LTX and then a day around Whistler as well. I'm one of the 3% (I think Linus said in this 10-year stream that only 3% women sub to the channel lol) I'll be recognizable because I'm considering making myself an "AMD Outside" t shirt lmao
  4. katjaneway

    LTX 2019 Suggestions!

    I heard that you guys will be doing audio comparisons with all the headsets Linus has which I'm totally interested in. What about the same for keyboards? Mx blue vs red vs brown etc. Maybe throw some oddballs in there like Razer's green switches and some that aren't cherry mx? I'd be so interested in that!
  5. katjaneway

    Top of the case fans

    Hi all, I have a Corsair Carbide 500R case, and I'm looking to buy a 140mm fan or two for the top. But I'm really confused... the 140mm fans I find are intake fans... the only way I could put them on top for exhaust is if I flipped them around and had them upsidown. And I doubt the cable would stretch or work in that position. How do I go about finding case fans meant to exhaust from the top of the case? Thanks