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    Intel Core I7 8700k @ 5Ghz 1.295v Delidded
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    MSI Z370 Sli Plus
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    16Gb Corsair Vengeance RGB C141818 3200MHz 2x8GB
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GeForce GTX 1080
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    Samsung 970 EVO Series 250GB M.2 NVMe SSD, WD Blue 2.5" SSD 250gb, WD Blue 4TB, WD Black 1TB
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  1. 2.5" inch SSD dont normally get above 45'c depends where you live but M.2 seems to get a lot warmer. but like Swes said they like to run @ 40-50'c and if they get too cold it can be bad for its lifetime. I live in aus and it can get to 40'c outside easy so I need a decent heatsink to keep temps between 50-60'c
  2. I found out my evo 970 was getting up to 70'c while gaming so i put a EK M.2 heatsink on it and problem solved cost like $15 bucks and with decent airflow works like a dream
  3. if your only doing a small oc I normally leave it auto and just monitor the voltage when stress testing, the problem is the voltage can vary a bit if you leave it on auto and some motherboards will go over 1.4v for no reason or drop to low and make the OC unstable. so for more stability its a good idea to set a solid voltage in the bios
  4. I've got a unused 4 core cpu at 5ghz. and from what I can see I would get a better quality and preforming stream using that over its igpu surely? just quicksync seems the worst quality out of x264 or even nvenc
  5. Okay never heard of quick sync before, ill have a look into it cheers
  6. So I want to use my spare pc with i5 7600k @5Ghz and rx 570 4gb was a dedicated streaming pc. and I can't decide if I should get a HD60 which uses a inbuilt h.264 encoder or a HD60s with has no encoder and relies on the cpu to do the work. basically I'm asking which will give me better quality results?
  7. I reckon its a driver problem, what cpu do you have does it have integrated graphics?
  8. try plugging into the motherboards video outputs to get into the pc the remove the old drivers for you old GPU and install the new ones for the 2080ti off nvidia website. also when you say it wont display anything does the pc turn on and gpu fan spins and monitor picks up a signal but its just a blank screen or does it pick up no signal
  9. that's the why it should be, is it only Z boards for 170 or can any if they got a update. also Is it 270 to 370 that isn't compatible according to intel then?
  10. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a 2050 ti might be a over a year away, buy a 1060 6gb or a 1070ti which ever you can afford they are the best bang for buck atm (depending where you are)
  11. I would try get a 6gen i7 and another 8gb of ram. I dont think you can put a i5 7600 in the same as a i3 6100 i think it needs the 270 chipset.
  12. so I just checked and my 500D does not have a HDD LED never noticed before