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  1. even then id still recommend using at least one of the conectors, the socket doesnt supply enough for todays standards. Also these are te mb's id recomend $700 ASUS Formula or any other x570 motherboard within the $400+ US range, if your going to play battlefeild 5 in rtx dxrr ultra at a decent fps. And a ryzen 3950x r the best prie to performance cpu, the 3900x
  2. i meantthat he said to use the socket as power, which i dont recomend or such a powerful cpu, the only time you really dont need cpu power connectors is if your using an athlon or a celeron the worst of the potatoes
  3. he said dont use any pins, use the cpu data connecters instead...
  4. i would highly reccomend it, otherwise youd have to extremely underclock your cpu.
  5. I'm wondering how im getting even sub-megabyte mobile hotspot on my tmobile-revvlry to my lenovo chromebook. Is it that tmobile provides sub-megabyte hotspot free compared to 3g/4g hotspot? I'm not even paying for a hotspot and i can do it, even with 5ghz frequencies. BTW if your wondering my hotspot name is "Ok Boomer", cause its funny.
  6. what dym why? why waterdcool it or why so much space. Watercool it, cause the heat it would make is probs more than 200watts. Why Soo much space? cause of the 2want forhigher r3es vids like 8k+ tvs.
  7. Becuase the size of the drive is soo big the only thing it can be used for is an archive as it would take months, even years to migrate 100tb on even nvme, and much unbeliveably worse on sata 3. Buti calculated you could fit over a petabyte of nvme storage on a full size pcie card, also accounting for other parts needed. It would also need to be watercooled
  8. If all of you just listen[or read] for a moment. As I stated several times before, im not saying that i will, but its that if im a succesful streamer, and i can do it, i just might, the question this page is about is what if i was, and what would it take. You need to pay attention before you post...
  9. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=100tb+ssd&t=fpas&ia=images
  10. I care about being intristing, and i care about quality of video second, this fourum post, as i stated before, is not an i will, but rather an i might. Also, i have read a post about tips to being a good streamer. So be kind to whomever you talk to and at least try to help, your of no help to me.
  11. i dont even have a pc to do it yet, im just saving up...
  12. guys, i found a 100tb ssd! not just that, the reason i asked this wasnt to do it now, i was planning for the future, and that future wont be until years from now. but i can store 8pb in a 4u server causeof this! Darn nvme drives rn im gettin this nimus dc100 in the future!