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  1. Well I want to play all aaa title games so which one you guys prefer?
  2. Shobhit dangi


    Which monitor is currently best for gaming and value for money?
  3. Today, which keyboard is best for gaming as well as typing.
  4. Shobhit dangi


    which one is the best monitor for gaming, if you have gtx 1080 and Intel i7-8700k.
  5. From where i can get old motherboard like 480850-001 on great price in india.
  6. Thxs guys. Your suggestions was quite helpful.
  7. Is there any problem if i use 5 meter long usb extension cable for my mouse (logitech g402) to play games. And also what if i use usb hub at the end of the extension cable for connecting my pendrive, keyboard and mouse at the same time. Pendrive is just for asking but what real effect on keyboard and mouse.
  8. While opening bios (shut down problem ) still happen to u
  9. Try to reinsert the boot storage device unplug each cable and plug them again.
  10. I have a pc for monitor i am using a 4k tv, now problem is when i play games with wireless kayboard and mouse the accuracy of movements and aiming is not good enough at the distance about 3.5 to 4 meter. What should i do? Buy a new wireless/wired kayboard and mouse or something else. Resolution is 3840x2160.
  11. For juice asus gtx 1080 which cable should i use ? The one that came with gpu or with psu. And how many? One cable which have two 8pin(6+2) Connectors that came with psu (corsair RM750) or two saprate cables.
  12. I installed the window but i always have to press F8 for boot devices???