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  1. Client access licenses will be a bit of a problem for my setup. Also, since the hardware(Thin clients) that is available does'nt support RDS device CAL's, it's impossible. Dell Wyse is a good piece of hardware that allows ultimate flexibility with multiple OS, connectivity and form factor. But it's pricey and since I already have zero clients, i am looking for similar speced hardware at low price. Linux VM is possible though, Thanks.
  2. Yeah. $60 USD might sound gr8 but it's 4200 INR for us. 5600 INR if you include taxes, which is a lot where $200 USD is my monthly salary..:-)) https://techmikeny.com is a great recommend. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks....
  3. Yes. Technically Multipoint services but using proprietary software instead of RDP. Assuming you are referring to the current setup, No. The thin clients are not virtualized. But If I set up a server, then I would set up a VM for each client. A low spec VM that could run Ubuntu but a VM none the less.
  4. Yes. It's possible to ship from US. It's $55 to $60 USD extra to ship. Shipping from China is legally $120 t0 $160 ($60 - 70 if you know the other way) but I myself dont know about the costs from UK or Australia.
  5. Thank you for your reply. "shared desktop thin clients" are the thin clients that use the current OS and log in using RDP into the current OS as a different user. Forgive me as I do not know the prevalent terminology for these devices. I would like to use VM's for the students instead of using the "desktop sharing". I did'nt know know about raspberry Pi's being used as rdp clients. I am sure I will check those out but even raspberry Pi's or HW based on SBC's are hard to get here. Thank you for this info. I think you are tremendously right for the HDD's being a factor for the slowness. I myself use an SSD for my laptop but have never considered it for the server. Thanks for the deserved hit in the noggin. BTW "NComputing VSpace Pro" is how they extract money from 3rd wrld people like us. Just look at this link and you will laugh (https://www.ncomputing.com/products/vSpace/vSpace%20PRO). I hate it. But it is required to be installed in the server for the thin clients to detect the server or whatever. Money is a huge factor here, as I have only $2500 USD - $3000 USD to spend. Used servers are rare in India. Only a couple of sites provide them but they are unreliable. I presume that the big companies such as HP and DELL have a monopoly here with the local SI's and online retailers as they recommend servers only from them and that too preconfigured. I try to buy parts online but they remain "out of stock" for months (amazon.in or flipkart.in, ebay in India is not availabe as it ended in a strategic partnership with Flipkart following the Walmart deal.) Can you please recommend me a server config that comes under $3000 USD and can run at least 40 VMs with Ubuntu 18.04. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes. Photoshop and Flash Pro is a problem. Also my alloted budget is $2800 to $3000 USD which makes it difficult. But if there is any way to just prioritize the linux VM's, it will be appreciated
  7. You are quite right. The current server has only 16 GB but for 27 sessions only. i am planning to upgrade to 100. Multiple servers is doable. Can u recommend where to look for Dell R710s?
  8. Yes. Currently it has a single socket and is running 27 thin clients.
  9. Hello. Please help me. I'am a newbie here and the following is to give you a picture of what i have and what i need. # I need to re-setup the Computer Lab for the school that I currently work in. Following are the user requirements: 1. A total of 100 students will sit in a single session. 2. They will use Windows based applications such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Scratch, Python, Photoshop, Flash Professional, MySQL, XAMPP (for PHP, HTML) and are learning Linux (Ubuntu/LUbuntu). 3. They will have their own user ID's and can log in anytime (during school hours). 4. They can store their files in a centrally accessible location which will be monitored (Shared D:\ or E:\) 5. They can insert their own pendrives, Headphones/mic etc. (will be supervised) 6. They can use the internet (supervised). # Following is the current configuration of the lab: 1. HP Proliant ML 10 Gen9 tower with the following config (Xeon E3-1225 v5, 3.3GHz ; HPE 2x8GB DDR4 2133 ECC ; 1TB WD HDD ; INTEL I219-LM Ethernet ; 300W PSU ; proprietary Motherboard) 2. 27 NComputing L300 thin clients. 3. Windows Server 2012 R2 with "NComputing VSpace Pro" (proprietary software for running the thin clients) installed. 4. 01 D-Link DES-1024C 24-Port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Ethernet Switch + 01 D-Link DGS-1016A 16-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch. # Problems with the current config: 1. Server shows >=67% CPU utilization and >=87% RAM utilization when MS Word is used in all 27 clients (but all clients are slow as hell). 2. Cannot run Photoshop or Flash Pro in more than 7 clients. (entire server slows down) 3. I personally dislike Server 2012 R2 and need to upgrade to 2016. 4. I prefer the NComputing thin clients (zero clients, low latency, available USB and 3.5mm jacks for students) but dislike the NComputing VSpace Pro software that is needed to run those clients. 5. Proprietary hardware restricts upgradability. 6. Need to upgrade from 27 student capacity to 100 student capacity. 7. Cannot run Google Chrome in all 27 computers. (Server + clients hangs and needs reboot) # Help needed in: 1. I need to setup a server that can accomodate 100 students using shared desktop thin clients / VM's. So what kind / how powerful of a server do I need? 2. Instead of sharing desktops using thin clients, can I deploy VM's so that each student can have their own computer. Also, since some of them are using Linux, would it be better if they had full-fledged linux VMs instead of using linux shell in windows? 3. Let's say that I choose to use desktop sharing, can any one recommend me good and low priced thin clients that uses Windows RDP instead of proprietary software for running the thin clients, also the minimum spec for a server that can run the 100 thin clients. 4. If I need to run say 40 Ubuntu VM's, what will be the recommended spec for the server that is capable to do so? Also, what kind of client setup do I need? Will the thin clients suffice? 5. Can i get any server config that can run the aforesaid VM's in under Rs. 200000/- ($2880 USD) which is the PO limit given to me by the school. 6. Also, are the D-Link switches sufficient or do I need to upgrade them. 7. Please consider this, as i live in India (and that too, in Jorhat, Assam), does Dell or HP or any company supply a prebuilt server (along the lines of the specs that you are recommending) or do I need to import parts? (As I need to consider transport charges). Again, please help me. Any help is appreciated. With Regards Alakesh