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  1. The reason I even made this post is because I like their content. The problem is its clickbait. How does ltt know I never head of clevo and if I did know about them isnt it clickbait. What algorithm changes are you speaking about. Do some minor tweaks to the youtube algorithm negate a promise made to the community?
  2. I thought LTT wanted to get away from clickbaity titles such as: Faster Mobile Internet for FREE - No… Seriously Are 8K TV manufacturers LYING?? "Artificial Humans" And my personal favorite: The CRAZY laptop manufacturer you've never heard of...
  3. var is scoped to the nearest function block and let is scoped to the nearest enclosing block.
  4. C/C++ are fairly low level languages. Although in theory you could program anything in C++, it doesn't always make sense. Whenever performance is important or you need to perform low level tasks (Memory or hardware related stuff) it makes sense to work with C/C++. If you work with huge datasets or scraping, parsing etc. C/C++ requires a lot more work to make it work than let's say Python. For your project of mapping inputs, you could very well code this in C++. If there isn't an API or wrapper available for the stuff you want to write, you'll almost certainly want to write this in C++ to minimize latency.