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  1. Remember why I stopped playing GTA now. 


    You wait 10 minutes for the game to load. 5 minutes to join the session. 5 minutes for the host to start the game. 10 minutes getting half way through the mission. Then someone dies and leaves and you have to wait another 10 minutes to find a new session

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    2. wANKER


      Oh no I get that too. 

    3. dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd


      Oh, so it's not just me.  I figured perhaps it was because my router is very strict.  The game is complaining about that all the time.


      Oh well, offline is kinda fun still. 

    4. wANKER


      Nah, it's the fucking game. I have a solid connection and get that problem all the time. There's issues that have been there since day 1 that are still there. 


      Funnily enough, just now, 


      1. Wait 4 minutes for the game to load 
      2. Find heist
      3. Heist is full
      4. Kicked 
      5. Wait 2 minutes for session
      6. Error joining session
      7. 3 minutes for new session 
      8. Find heist 
      9. 10 minutes waiting for final player 
      10. Game bugs and gets stuck on a loading screen for 6 minutes
      11. Fuck this I'm out