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  1. Any CISCO peeps online?


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    2. wANKER




      I has a question good sir. 


      It was something I noticed when playing in Packet Tracer. 


      So, with ARP, if the destination IP address is on a different subnet, it will send it to its default gateway, yes? 

      Now, when the host on the other subnet receives the packet, from my packet tracer model, it looked as though the receiving host sent the reply to its default gateway. 


      Now, would the reply not be a unicast message direct to the sending host? As its mac address would have been added to the table from when it sent the ARP request? 

      Basically, I'm confused why the reply seemed to go to the default gateway 



    3. Lurick


      Ah, that's because ARP is only for the same subnet as the host. If it's on a different subnet then it might ARP for the default gateway if that's not known but after that it will send the packet to the default gateway for routing at that point and the broadcast message would stop at that boundary.

    4. Windows7ge


      Are you asking why the network switch isn't forwarding the request directly between the clients? Or rather why the response to a request isn't being forwarded directly to the requesting client?

  2. Gory image in spoiler, open at your peril
  3. They're larger in terms of surface area, but if anything, I'd say they're more compact/convenient size/shape.
  4. For those of you with one, just how much better is 144hz over 60?

    1. Den-Fi


      I suck at gaming and I loved the 144Hz. Just smoothness and perceived responsiveness alone made it worth it.

  5. When chick say they dig guys with tattoos.... I'm not sure.... I don't think..
  6. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autologon Nvm misunderstood what you want EDIT: We achieve this at work on a few systems, though I can't remember if it's a registry entry or GPO I'll have a look tomorrow, if I remember
  7. Update on the new ultrawide 


    Fucking hate it 🤣


    Why do people do this shit? 34" is too big to be sat at a desk. 

    It's not true multitasking either.... dual monitors or gtfo 


    Mistakes were made.


    Anyone wanna buy? Samsung LS34J550WQUXEN. Band new today. £250 posted. 🙃

    1. Firewrath9


      34" is a bit much, I agree. I'd rather have a pair of 24" montiors, or even 3 21.5" ones.

      I think the best option for ultrawides are 29" ones, if you have a really cramped desk.


    2. Cyberspirit


      Rip. xD I prefer dual monitors to a single ultra wide as well.

  8. G900 System is on the left, the Evolv Shift X Looking back at that makes me wish I'd gone with 2 separate 1440ps... or even 1080 Oh well
  9. My two LG 23" 1080p finally packed up, funnily enough within days of each other.... Got a solid 5 year out of them mind. (The stupid paint scheme behind it is because I had holes to patch, but didn't have any of the grey paint left....)
  10. As a separate bit of advice, if your thread gets locked, don't create another thread discussing either the original matter of the topic, or the locking of the thread.........................................................
  11. Anyone in the UK not used Uber Eats before and want £10 off their first order? 

  12. Are we talking about a remote connection/telephone conversion here?
  13. Give up replacing phone screens were the replacement screen hasn't come off a phone where I've removed it myself... 

    3rd time I've bought a rather expensive screen, claiming to be brand new Original OEM, that's turned out to be faulty 


    Another hour of my life wasted 

    1. Pascal...


      I hope you've atleast used an iFixit kit...

    2. wANKER



      Have the full monty pro tech toolkit at work 

  14. So, it would seem the temperature sensors on my board are flicking from like 40 degrees to 60, then back to 40, in the space of a second or so. 

    Which is causing my pump to sound like a snoring fat person. 

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    2. wANKER


      Sorry I don't speak Pokemon 

    3. OlympicAssEater


      Sorry i don't speak what is causing my pump to sound like a snoring fat person

    4. Pascal...