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    GigaByte GA-Z77N WiFi
  • RAM
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    MSI RX480 Gaming X 8GB
  • Case
    Ncase M1
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    Corsair SF450
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    Dell U2412M
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    Cooler Master Seidon 240v AIO
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    Schiit Audio Modi DAC + Magni Headphone amp
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    Opensuse Tumbleweed / Windows 10

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  1. Mix user of Linux and Windows for at least 15 years. Now I run Linux only on my desktop, for gaming it's good enough and I do own PS4. But my main reason for ditching Windows for now, is that I have paid full price on Windows 7 ultimate. Now its updated to Win10 and for that price, I would expect OS without adds and data mining.
  2. Rusted

    HPE Proliant ML30 Gen9 and freeNAS

    So it looks like the installation problem was the USB drive I used for freenas boot drive. It is brand new Kingston USB3 drive but looks like its broken. Just installed to another USB drive and it took only minutes. And the constant small data writes to the pool were solved by moving system dataset from the main pool to boot drive.
  3. I got the system running but had some issues. Main problem was that I thought that install hangs after creating partitions to usb disk. But it didn't hang, it wad just painfully slow. Installation took over an hour to complete. So has anybody else had similar problems with proliant servers or other systems? Another question I have is constant small data writes to the pool. I know that those are part of freenas operation, but is it possible to change them different drive like an SSD. So would a ZIL drive or some setting changes reduce the amount of writes?
  4. Did you check your CPU socket for bent pins? That is my guess as you said that it does work with old CPU either.
  5. Rusted

    Which RAM is better?

    To my understanding timings are reported as clock cycles so you can't compare them on memories running different clock rates. You need to calculate the latency in time if you want to compare those.
  6. Rusted

    is the rtx 2060 worth it ?

    RT and DLSS are both brand new technologies on a GPU, it takes time for games to utilize those. Currently there aren't that many games out with RT so its a gamble with 2060 as there is knowing how well the coming games run with RT on with that card. Also if rumors are true Nvidia is making that GTX 1160/1660, it might have fewer Cuda cores according to rumors. But if you don't need RT or DLSS now, I would wait and see what is Nvidia's line up for Turing GPUs.
  7. Rusted

    Is it possible to share 4G connection to another computer?

    Some wifi routers support 4G USB sticks, my Asus router even supports USB tethering from my android phone. With this router I can continue to use all my devices even if my cable connection goes down.
  8. Rusted

    The Nuke Script Help Please

    Erasing HDD takes time. There is no secure way to destroy data fast without destroying the drive. If you want fast, use thermite.....
  9. Rusted

    Finale - Folding Month 2018

    There was problems with the automated data gathering and processing from. It mixed few users and put wrong username for the ranking. It got fixed but to my knowledge the posts weren't fixed. Edit: 63, not bad with few internet problems and with some gaming. On some point decided to have a goal of 10mil points, well didn't happen on the folding month but now I am past that point. Now I just wait for that 14134 CPU work to end, just 52% and 10hours left. Then I can see how much dust is in my GPU and if my linux install can survive months worth of updates.
  10. I will wait till end of the week so see how my gpu looks after month of 24/7 folding. It takes air from outside of the case with no filters Radiator looks fine thou but that on side of my case.
  11. I got at least one of those too, looked advanced control panel and GPU showed 60% done over 4 hours left then add some nice CPU works that take over 16 hours. Well, that combined with few hours of gaming and you get this: 11.23, 6pm 0 0 11.23, 3pm 0 0 11.23, 12pm 0 0 11.23, 9am 0 0 11.23, 6am 0 0
  12. That fan really helps, without it radiator fans would sometimes go full speed and that's loud.
  13. Never underestimate the power of a man, who runs to live show with note in his hands and mumbles about giveaway It used to be free beer that rallied the men for an army, now its a GPU giveaways. Well times move on....
  14. Try few different distros and see what do you like. In general everyday use there is not much difference on what you choose. If by general use you mean thing like, browsing web, watching videos or reading e-mails.