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  1. So I’m getting the idea that the Tuf is better for general purpose, whereas the Swift is raw gaming. Agreed?
  2. Ok but for real estate, how about this? No g-sync, but Linus says it’s compatible anyway. Asus Tuf VG32VQ
  3. Oh and also photo editing, Rust, video editing, etc. It’s a workstation as well as a gaming rig.
  4. Ghost Recon Breakpoint, CS:GO, BF5, and yea I’m in USA.
  5. So I’m looking for a new monitor to complement a 2080 super build. It’s for editing and gaming (mainly FPS and Minecraft/Rust). Which of these is better?
  6. So I'm looking into getting a couple fans for my computer and was wondering if the Lian-Li Bora Digital is compatible with Asus Aura sync? Can it connect to the 5V Asus ARGB header?
  7. Technically, no. But its performance is affected above like 80. Here's a good thread to read. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/what-is-the-max-temperature-for-a-r9-290x.2120295/
  8. That's why. I have an RX 570 and my performance dips by 25 percent after like 3 minutes of gaming. By this time, it hovers around 85 degrees. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on it being GPU temps. 86 degrees is pretty high and can induce throttling to some capacity I believe.
  9. Could you send me a pic of task manager while running the game? Also, can you send a pic of the temps while running the game? Sometimes even below throttling temps you can get drops.
  10. What games are you playing? This can be a factor sometimes. It could also be that your temps are rising high. This happens with me.
  11. So then how to add disks? Also, would I need a controller for this or can I just find a motherboard with a bunch of ports and set it up in freenas?
  12. Ohhhhhh ok. So then let's say I take one of these mirror disks out, plug it into another computer, and view the contents. Will I be able to see whatever may be saved there?
  13. Is it possible to view the data on a raid 10 parity disk separately from the rest of the array?