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  1. Lol was having problems with the build didnt want to boot kept going on and off . I had to remove everything just gave me a headache, turns out it was the m.2 wasnt plugged in properly. Now my problem is it wont boot to windows. Just stays at loading bottom picture. Should i repair or reinstall window. Or is it some m.2 settings that i I don't know about or something in the bios. Z390 gigabyte aorus pro I7 9700k Samsung 970
  2. Just wanted to make sure yep i can keep it.lol
  3. Nah amazon always tells me to send the item back then ill get the refund since i never asked them to refund. I've gotten lucky from amazon once they sent me 2 1tb ssd when i only paid for one. Also got a free i7 4770k and a gtx 1070 .when things like this happens to me its a keeper.Ill update if i do get to keep it lol. Also ups never updated the the tracking.
  4. Yeah but come on it doesnt have reset cmos that I noticed no ,only 1 hdmi my other board ias hdmi and hdmi and display port. Yes im just nitpicking. Thnx for all the help. Ps. Yes ik no one buys this kinda board to use the integrated gpu, but i do use. Time to emty my sistem.
  5. Well it turns on lol. Used an i5 8600k on the board just to see if it works. But my lord gigabyte home screen is soo bad compare to my evga doesnt show no info cpu temps nothing that i I noticed. I would think going from my evga ftw z370 to this would be a better experience.
  6. Sometimes i get soo confused..... Soo i was about to return it and i chatted with an amazon agent about replacing it with a new one told me send picture of the pin , i did.Then the agent gave me a 10$ credit for future purchases ,and told me that we cant issue a replacement only refund. So i was like close the chat ill try to see if the board even works ,still haven't tried it waiting on cpu. Check my phone and refund..... Thats wierd is i received the board in the morning and ups has not even updated the tracking for delivered. So i hope i can keep the board lol i wasnt told to return or anything just shows refunded.
  7. Just for the kicks im going to try it before returning it lol. I bent it back into place .
  8. Will do XD, i still feel like i should test it out but nah, i'll buy a new one. any decent z390 under 180$. ive a evga z370 ftw but that one is going to my friend sold.
  9. It was like new from amazon still has all the plastic . I'll just return it no point. I'm sure i can just bend it back but why risk it.
  10. So i received a z390 and the 1st thing i did was look at the pins ,one of the pins is straight up . So bend it back down or just return it?
  11. Ok so i want to add 4 quick disconnect 2 for the cpu and 2 for the gpu . I'm new to the quick disconnect but i just think it would make life much easier. I don't even know the name of the fittings sizes,or if the quick disconnect comes with everything i'll need. I've a xspc cpu water block and a 1080 ti gigabyte with water block hoping 1 360 rad is enough I do have another 240 rad but just dont feel like adding it to the loop atm. Tubes i use are primoflex advance lrt 3/8in x5/8in This is what i want to do but not sure what to buy. So i was wondering what would i need?
  12. if i where to do that i would def just go AMD, ryzen 9 3900x for 500$. I'll stick with the i7 for now.