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  1. Creamy_Dave

    I need help

    So, I own an old acer laptop with a 2nd gen i3 processor. the thing runs very slow but is still usable, the problem is that tobay when i went to start it it booted up to a certain point, then it got stuck on the loading screen i tryed to fix the issue in the recovery menu or whatever it's called. i tryed booting into safe mode, that didn't work so now it's stuck in a boot loop and everything i tryed to do to fix it didn't work. I'm thinking of buying a HDD dock so i can copy the pictures and other things i have on there then deleting everything on the HDD and reinstalling windows. please help me i need the laptop to work asap bc i'm gonna need it to download more shit for an upcomming pc build, you know, drivers and shit. so if anyone got suggestions let me hear them.
  2. Creamy_Dave

    HeLp PlEaSe

    So, I know this sounds dumb but I'm new to pc building and had a question. If i have a motherboard that has a displayport do I use that to connect to the monitor or do I use the displayport on the graphics card ?
  3. Creamy_Dave

    Water cooling

    Thanks for the advice
  4. Creamy_Dave

    Water cooling

    So, I'm thinking of water cooling my I5 8600k with the Corsair H60 and i was wondering if it's overkill or underkill for a unlocked but not overclocked processor ?