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  1. Yes but there is a chance he could go for a 4th or 5th gen CPU although its not high its possible and would give a stretch of performance, a faster CPU means less bottlenecking for a new GPU.
  2. Id say the CPU, GPU and PSU as those look like they need an upgrade, but with 16GB of RAM a slow ram speed shouldnt hurt too much, but with a PC like that Id say to build a new PC so it can be your daily driver meanwhile setting your old PC to be like a secondary.
  3. It should not be much of a RAM compatibility as I managed to bump my ram speed up to its high 3,200MHz speed on a Ryzen 5 2600, as for the RAM issue when I bumped up the speed the voltage did go slightly higher automatically from 1.350 to like 1.4 or something I dont remember, you may need to push the voltage.
  4. It seems pretty solid but Id recommend getting some case fans for a little help in cooling, like one or two and also bump up that SSD to 500GB, cause you will have games like Rust or some campaign games that are very slow on a hard drive.
  5. Try reconnecting to a different SATA port if possible or use external software like Macrium Reflect to search for the drive, usually windows will find the drive but wont know how to set it up.
  6. Ok so I found the issue, my PC is just that far away and lacks enough power to get a solid connection, when I moved my pc downstairs (1 floor) I got speeds of 60 - 80Mbps 2.4GHz and 130Mbps 5GHz I should probably find a way to move the router or make an access point
  7. I cannot see the router protocol as its not mines its my dads.
  8. Local Wifi, same connection just different device.
  9. Well on my phone I get even higher at 100+Mbps
  10. Hmm Maybe than the Ryzen 7 3700x or 3800x its only 339
  11. Try the Ryzen 9 3900x its said to be really good for gaming and others.
  12. I have the RX 570 and its pretty cold I've played some games on max settings and it holds it self strong, for only 120 its not bad in playing most games and the power draw by PCPartpicker states around 100+ Watts but thats what PCPartPicker says.
  13. Hi, so recently I build my new PC and the connection speeds have been super slow to the point where it's pathetic, I'm getting around 10.80Mbps on average download and I'm sick of it. My 10 year old laptop, Dell Studio 1749 would get around 60Mbps on average. I've tried installing new drivers, I tried moving the antenna around, hell I even opened the case just to push the card in further to see if there was a difference. What can I do this is very annoying? PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RX 570 500GB SSD + 320GB HDD 16GB RAM ASUS PCE AC51 network adapter.
  14. Hey guys, so recently I discovered how the Razer Phone 2 operates as Project Linda by Sentio as Razer had hooked up a custom version of the software waiting to be used. I saw this as a possible way to bring my phone around school and use it as a laptop essentially saving time and money for the future. My wonder is can I turn my old laptop into a screen cast system with a keyboard and mouse, and can I make this connection by Via USB. I feel like this can be a really cool concept making a cheap and afforable may to turn phones into laptops. The Laptop I plan to use is a old potato, Acer Aspire One, D270-1375. Yeah...its pretty crappy, I was wondering if I can force the computer to set aside windows and only cast the phone by Via BIOS or custom software as this can only have 2GB of RAM. What should I do and do you think it might work?
  15. Hi, so I have my old Dell Studio 1749 and I just fit it with a cheap i5 580m processor, my issue is today is I can't install the Intel XTU software even though it was been supported. It consistently says "Attempt to Install on unsupported platform". Now you may think, well your answer is right there but my Intel i3 330m on its old Hard drive was able to have this software. Now with my SSD and new processor I can't, what should I do, and is there an alternative to using the XTU tool.