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  1. 1. did you connect your graphics card to your monitor (if you do have a dedicated graphics card, if not, connect the display cable to your motherboard i/o) and did you select the correct input on your monitor

    2. is your ram properly seated? (when you insert your ram there should be a click sound and the tabs will lock onto the ram)

    3. did you insert your cpu in the correct orientation; the triangle on the cpu should align with the triangle next to the motherboard socket

    4. is the 8-pin atx connector connected to the motherboard

    5. is the 24-pin atx connector connected to the motherboard

    6. did you install motherboard standoffs

    7. are there any loose screws or anything which can cause the board to short out

    8. if you are using a dedicated graphics card, is it loose

  2. 4 minutes ago, emosun said:

    is there a reason an already assembled laptop wouldn't work for what you're doing becuase with no gpu whatever you are building is going to cost more , look worse , and run slower than a premade used laptop

    i need the extra power from a desktop chip but cannot fork out thousands for something like a eurocom laptop

  3. So I'm running an unactivated version of windows 10 pro. Lately, whenever I attempt to transfer files from my phone to my pc, the disk usage goes up to 5000MB/s (my drives max out at 500MB/s), and the background mysteriously changed to the background of my laptop which is running activated windows 10 pro. Also, none of the windows store apps work, the notifications panel refuses to open and the windows start button does not work. I suspect it may be something to do with my registry, could someone help me resolve this?