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  1. The original report discusses how to extract admin credentials, allowing an attacker to eventually run root level commands. To get the credentials you need access to the WAN or FTTH LAN interface. I have minimal understanding in networking, and am curious about the feasibility of the attack. Does this attack rely on direct access to the devices, or can these WAN ports be found through the ISP’s network? Summary Article: https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/backdoor-accounts-discovered-in-29-ftth-devices-from-chinese-vendor-c-data/ Original GitHub report: https://pierrekim.github.io/blog/2020-07-07-cdata-olt-0day-vulnerabilities.html
  2. was this also at 4k like their other performance specs page? edit: nevermind see it at the bottom of the page
  3. Hi peps, Thought it would be nice to swap friend codes during the celebi event. 8893 6300 1189 Also wanted to show the lack of love from the right hand man himself. F
  4. Finally joining. Watching vids for ~2.5 years. rocking a 4790k and gtx [F] 970 I scrounged for. cheers mates