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  1. That isn't the iPod I listed, I put the late 2006 model. Also that 32 ohm rating is for the earbuds it comes with I think. Thanks for the reply, though!
  2. Could I drive a pair of hifiman he4xx with this iPod? Also, do you guys know where I can find a detailed spec sheet of this iPod? All I can find is the basic details
  3. I have this old iPod video 5 enhanced and I've been told that sensitivity matters more than ohms. This iPod outputs 60mw (I think) and my headphones are rated for 111 db and 24ohms (kz zs10 pro) and I plan on buying better headphones in the future. What is the recommended sensitivity and ohm range for this iPod?
  4. I'm looking for a good gaming mouse with decent weight in the $50-$60 range
  5. Will I get an increase in sound quality with my Logitech Z313 speaker and my Steelseries Arctis 3 headphones with a Creative Sound Blaster Zx?