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  1. I'd love to get this phone for super special awesome upgrade!!
  2. I'd have to say that my favourite thing would be how thin the bezels are. I love thin bezels because it shows off the main feature of a phone, the screen. However I have heard from you, and others that the screen is not all its cracked up to be, so I would love a chance to see it for myself and use it on a daily basis to see if I actually would be turned off from its display, if not there's a very real chance that I would be purchasing one myself once it arrives in Canada.
  3. Currently owning the htc one m7,my favourite thing would be the micro SD card slot. I would love to own the new Htc one for that feature alone, the 2nd biggest feature is the massively improved battery life!
  4. Depending on your style and if money isn't an issue check out this one http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236309 It's the same panel as the LG but due to it being aluminium and Asus, it's a bit more expensive. Again depends on taste and budget
  5. thanks! those are lg ips277L, very awesome montiors, great colours. they are only 1080p 60hz though, unless that doesnt matter to you i highly recommend them.
  6. the switch from metal frame to the plastic is very minimal, if at all noticeable, unless you lift your mouse very often i doubt you would pick up on the weight difference, and since the top of both mice are identical in material it feels exactly the same (minus a sniper button on the m40) how is it a downgrade on every level? they both have the same ergonomics, they are both more or less the same weight, same button layout...the biggest visual difference is the lack of a sniper button and glowing corsair logo on the m40, interals they both have different senors, where the m40 is imo better. care to elaborate?
  7. Sadly the m40 is plastic Shame because there's only a 10 dollar difference in price, imo it should have been at least 20 but oh well, I do prefer it aesthetically
  8. the m40 and the m65 only have 1 led, the m40 is only red, and the m65 is only blue. this is true, it can be handy for other things as well, all depends on play style. thanks for mentioning it.
  9. So i was looking for advice on the m40, but no one seems to have much advice so I took the plunge and decided to buy the m40 myself. In terms of ergonomics they are both identical, which is a good thing because I really like the feel of it. I also like heavier mice so i left all the weights in. Palm grip doesn't really work for people with large hands (that would be me) but claw grip is very comfortable. The back buttons are in a good spot, particularly for people with a claw grip. Palm grip feels like the buttons are a bit too far up but that may be just me. On the m65 the sniper button has a similar effect, claw grip makes the sniper button feel great but palm just feels odd. It's one of those personal things that would be best to try out at a computer store if possible. On a personal note, I never used the sniper button for gaming, I found that turning down the dpi was more than sufficient and my hands are fairly steady so aiming was not an issue. It is fantastic however for photoshop and other editing software which requires precise accuracy at a moment's notice. Both mice have awesome LED's and would look great with corsair's keyboards. I personally have the k70 black/red version and the m40 matches it perfectly. Now for the main part, the laser sensors. Optical vs laser. From the start the m40 has felt "smoother" than the laser. Not sure if it is actually smoother, or if the tracking is a bit more precise. Either way it feels better to use than the laser in the m65. Not to say that the m65 is bad, because it' not. It's actually very smooth and has great tracking too, the m40 just feels better. Are there any negatives to mention? Well...not really. Both mice feel really solid, the button clicks feel great, the scroll wheel is great. If I had one complaint it's that the m40's scroll wheel rattles if you shake the mouse. No its not a common thing to do with a mouse but it does not happen on the m65 so I figure I should bring it up. Also when you actually place your finger over the scroll wheel you can feel it nudging to one side. It may have been mine but I do not want to deal with returns/exchanges. If someone in the future does buy one feel free to post here and let everyone know. So which one is better? Well, they are both great. Ergonomically they are both the same so if you like one, you will for sure like the other. In terms of sensors, if you want something more accurate the m40 is your bet, at least from my experience. The other thing to consider is colour scheme. I initially had the m65, but mostly switched because I can be very OCD on colour matching for my personal setup. One other notable difference is the fact that the m65 has an 8200 dpi sensore, while the m40 can only go up to 4000 dpi. For people like me who get used to the insanely fast 8200 dpi and prefer mice that are crazy fast, a simple trick is to go into your computer's settings and increase the mouse pointer speed all the way up and it ends up feeling like an 8200 dpi mouse. That's how I prefer it so for everyone else feel free to experiment. The difference in price between the m40 and m65 is only 10 dollars(where I live anyway), 59.99 and 69.99 CAD respectively. It really comes down to whether or not you want a sniper button and or which colour would best match your setup. You can't go wrong with either choice, and I can definitely recommend either one, but as stated earlier, my personal choice is the m40. Also some extra bonus points to the m40 for having the corsair logo glow, small feature that goes a long way when it comes to aesthetics I think. Hope this helps and you enjoyed the review, if you guys have any questions feel free to ask Cheers.
  10. Hey everyone, so heres the issue. I currently have the m65, and its a great mouse, but im ocd about color. the m40 matches the k70 i have with red LED/black aluminium I was hoping someone here might have the m40 to let me know how it feels in terms of tracking and just over-all sensor quality vs the m65. as far as gaming i do mostly mmo's and occasionally a bit of fps. Thanks!
  11. I chose Nvidia, more specifically, evga gtx 680 signature. Why? Purely esthetics (performance is pretty awesome too)
  12. That's my collection of blue, brown and red switches, current favourite is corsair k70, and red switches. Love them for everything, especially typing.
  13. i got a 600t silver/green build, would love to see it in red!
  14. thanks a lot guys:) @Wauthar: yeah, its corsair's gen 2 custom sleeves.