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  1. What happened, they haven’t posted in 4 months. Also are they ever going to bring nerd sports back?
  2. We must make sure that Taran gets up and does his office to Costco benchmark many more times!
  3. He hasn’t been in an LTT video in a very long time.
  4. I agree, some of my favorite videos are his e-bike reviews. I think that he should be in more videos like that one.
  5. Can Taran review One Wheel + or One Wheel + XR https://onewheel.com/ .
  6. People make a YouTube channel with at least one video and share it. Our goal is to have many people that will get to 100k so we can bloat in Linus’ face about how we have more silver play buttons than him. Everyone should sub to each others channel and watch their video and like it if wanted to make it seem like you aren’t faking it.
  7. If he doesn’t we force him for our entertainment.
  8. We want Taran in another video. This if for people to rant at Linus for making videos that are worse without Taran.
  9. Are any bean bag chairs left. I will take one if you have one. I will pay for shipping, if you need to get rid of them I will take 2. This is also for other people who want them.