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  1. xtdycxtfuv

    how do ip booting webites work?

    ah so basically, i have no real control over if i get attacked or not. well thats cleared up my doubts, thanks!
  2. xtdycxtfuv

    how do ip booting webites work?

    okay two things: is a hostname a domain name assigned to an ip? and what if instead of a dns i use a ddns?
  3. xtdycxtfuv

    how do ip booting webites work?

    hello everyone im kinda new to all this intenet stuff and i think im just starting to get to grips with it, so i was wondering how ip booting works: is it where the router cant handle the ammount of requests being sent to it and if that is the case, why does that happen? if you have a static ip from your isp, what happens if someone ddos you? do you stay offline until the person sending the requests decides so, do you need to contact your isp and get them to change it? and two more quests. if it is illegal to do this stuff, then how do websites like https://www.stressthem.to exist? is it like a legal loophole? and is there anyway of preventing this? one of the reasons im asking this is becuase im trying to set up my own website and host it myself, and i dont really wanna get hacked. thank you for reading : ]
  4. you know i said that to myself about 2 months ago and im still wating...
  5. xtdycxtfuv

    Off topic chit chat

    ima just leave this here...